Microsoft cognitive services

Microsoft cognitive services help democratize AI in India

Microsoft India today showcased several of its own and third-party solutions that use Microsoft Cognitive Services and bring the power …
slo mo video

Nvidia uses AI to create convincing slo-mo video by filling in extra frames:

Creating slow-motion footage is all about capturing a large number of frames per second. If you don’t record enough, it …
project debater

IBM builds AI that can debate with humans

IBM has built a new AI-based system called Project Debater which, as the name suggests, can debate skillfully and present arguments without bias. …
intelligence automation exchange

The Evolution of Becoming an AI Company IQPC Exchange Will Gather the C-Suite at Intelligent Automation Exchange

Following a great launch in the UK, IQPC Exchange announces the second edition of the Intelligence Automation Exchange – taking …

AI Is Saving Lives – Surely It Can Save A Project

I recently read about a Copenhagen-based startup that has developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can listen in on emergency 911 …