Dataiku awarded 2023 AWS Global ISV AI/ML Partner of the Year Award

Dataiku, the platform for Everyday AI, today announced that it received the 2023 AWS Global ISV AI/ML Partner of the Year Award at AWS re:Invent 2023. This recognition, alongside the 2023 AWS Geo ISV Partner of the Year Award in France, highlights Dataiku’s significant contributions to AI and ML innovation on AWS.

Why It Matters
The AWS Partner of the Year award recognizes Dataiku’s leadership in AI and ML and its innovative approach to integrating data into daily operations, from advanced analytics to Generative AI. This accolade highlights the collaboration between Dataiku and AWS, where expert data science and business teams leverage Dataiku’s user-friendly, visual platform alongside AWS’s services for ML, AI, and cloud infrastructure. Together, they enhance enterprise-wide AI and ML projects, offering solutions with rapid ROI and business-readiness. This award signifies not only Dataiku’s excellence but also the valuable synergy of the Dataiku-AWS relationship in developing scalable, innovative data and analytics projects.

Key Benefits of Dataiku With AWS

  • Safely connect to all your data sources — S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, etc.
  • Scale data and ML processing with Dataiku elastic compute powered by Amazon EKS for Python, R, Spark, and other workloads.
  • Speed up time-to-value through seamless integration with AWS AI services into data workflows, such as Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Bedrock, and Amazon Comprehend.
  • Democratize advanced analytics and AI capabilities through Dataiku’s user-friendly interface, powerful tools, and AWS AI services integration.

Customer Success Spotlight
Through the Dataiku and AWS relationship, customers are achieving remarkable success. For example, at Macquarie Group, the integration of Dataiku’s data governance capabilities with AWS’s cloud infrastructure for parts of the organization’s Commodities and Global Markets Group has enabled the development of highly governed, agile data workflows allowing for increased data management efficiency and more responsive delivery of data insights to end clients and stakeholders.

Future Outlook
Dataiku and AWS are strategic collaborators – this is in terms of both the Dataiku Cloud offering, which is a multi-tenant SaaS hosted on AWS and with a significant portion of Dataiku’s customer base on AWS. As the collaboration continues to evolve, Dataiku will integrate more closely with AWS Sagemaker (leveraging external models and universal operations) and continue accelerating Generative AI capabilities with Dataiku’s LLM Mesh, which supports AWS Bedrock.

Customer and Executive Insight
“Our AWS-powered Common Data Hub, in seamless partnership with Dataiku, accelerates value creation across multiple ENGIE entities through hundreds of use cases,” said Jean-Pierre Pelicier, Group Chief Data Officer at ENGIE. “It’s the backbone of our dynamic, data-driven strategy, unlocking thrilling insights and value in a secure environment!”

“Winning the 2023 AWS Global ISV AI and ML Partner of the Year award is an honor and validates the value that we jointly deliver to our customers,” said Abhijit Madhugiri, Vice President, Global Technology Alliances at Dataiku. “Collaborating with AWS, we make AI easier for everyone, from data scientists to business analysts. Together, we’re not just innovating; we’re shaping an environment where AI and ML are integral to decision-making, driving organizational success and transformation. This award also demonstrates Dataiku’s commitment to continue innovating and supporting our customers on the cloud and making Everyday AI a reality.”

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