DeRUCCI Smart Mattress wins TWICE CES Picks Award 2024

DeRUCCI Was Selected Based on the Expected Impact to Consumer Electronics Industry

DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress Warns Users about Potential Health Issues

The DeRUCCI Group, a leading public company and sleep technology brand, announced today that the DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress has won the coveted 2024 CES Picks Awards in the TWICE consumer electronics category. The DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress is an innovative award-winning Artificial Intelligence of Things (IoT) intelligent sleep solution based on extensive sleep/health research with international universities and institutions. It is the only mattress that actually warns users about potential health issues.

DeRUCCI was selected as a TWICE CES 2024 Picks winner based on the impact expected on the Consumer Electronics industry. DeRUCCI won high marks for its innovative design and ergonomics with 23 sleep/health AI sensors that automatically track subtle changes in position, heart rate, and health; 18 flexible air support units that instantly respond and support the user’s position and body movements; AI software algorithms; smart software/hardware adjustments; and sleep monitoring. The mattress’ unique design also allows it to connect to other IoT home appliances to control the bedroom’s smart thermostat, air conditioner, aromatherapy, air purifier, sleep-enhancing lighting, meditation products, sleep aids, and other IoT devices.

The TWICE CES 2024 Picks Award recognizes the very best products and solutions on display at CES 2024, with hundreds of products and solutions considered. All entries were reviewed by a panel of industry experts, speakers, and editors. Factors taken into account include how diverse and comprehensive the product’s features are; how easy it is to use and how it integrates with other products; its value for money within the market; and how innovative and unique it is within the market.

The DeRUCCI AI series T11 Pro Smart Mattress Key Features:

  • Adaptive Adjustments: adapts to different force curves from bone structure to muscle state with instant adjustments designed not to disturb a partner.
  • Air Support Unit & Tidal Algorithm Control: Piezoelectric ceramic sensors control rubber-sensing airbags and support materials, such as springs, foam, and latex. The airbag’s height and firmness are also adjusted for position and smoothness.
  • AI Sleep Monitoring & Reports: analyzes changes in users’ physiological parameters monitoring sleep with reports on sleep quality, making it easier to reach deep sleep. Provides personalized sleep consultations and recommendations with sleep medicine companies to optimize sleep, exercise, and diet, especially important for elderly care and specialized sports.
  • Graphene Far-infrared Heat: provides smart temperature controls with graphene far-infrared heat of up to 40°C (104°F) with temperature safety functions for intelligent adjustments and intelligent sleep assistance.
  • AI Sleep Health Warnings: analyzes users’ disease data, along with geographic location, age, and sleep monitoring metrics to provide early chronic disease warnings.

“CES seemed as busy as ever this year and the awards matched this. This year, we received a record amount of entries, and the quality across the board was incredible. Winners should be extremely proud of their achievement — their product showed true innovation and hugely impressed our judging panel,” said the TWICE Awards’ editorial team.

“We’re thrilled to win this award in recognition of our advanced algorithms and sophisticated design based on years of study and research,” said Hua Lei, General Manager of Smart Sleep, DeRUCCI. “Thank you to the entire TWICE CES 2024 Picks Award editorial team!”

DeRUCCI at CES 2024

The CES 2024 Picks Award caps off a successful week at the CES Show in Las Vegas, where DeRUCCI was also awarded with the CES 2024 Innovation Awards in two categories and the BIG Innovation Award, and was also featured in top international publications and shows, including the Wall Street Journal, CNET, Forbes, Business Insider, T3, and Techradar, Yahoo! News, ABP, CBS-TV, ABC-TV, and many more.


The DeRUCCI new smart mattress and full DeRUCCI AI IoT line, including anti-snore pillows, intelligent height adjustable pillows, intelligent voice control panels, curtain tracks, and other smart IoT sleep solutions will be available in 2024. For pricing information, see: and for more information, see:

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