Dexios chooses Maverick Medical AI as Its AI Medical Coding Solution

Through this partnership, Dexios will leverage Maverick’s AI-powered Autonomous Medical Coding Platform to help scale its operations, improve consistency across its coding team, and reduce coding-related denials.

Maverick Medical AI, or Maverick, a provider of an innovative and autonomous AI-powered medical coding platform, partners with Dexios, a radiology-specific revenue-cycle management (RCM) company serving imaging centers and hospital-based radiologists throughout the U.S. Through this partnership, Dexios integrates Maverick’s AI-powered Autonomous Medical Coding Platform to augment its medical coding team, boost productivity, and achieve a higher direct-to-bill rate.

Healthcare providers industry-wide have faced non-clinical burdens, including a shortage of medical coders that has impacted the revenue cycle management (RCM) process, resulting in a loss of efficiency. A poor medical coding process will typically result in billing mistakes, which can cost healthcare providers millions in revenue each year.

Maverick combines extensive domain knowledge of medical coding with cutting-edge machine learning and generative AI. The AI engine autonomously analyzes clinical notes and reports, accurately generating reimbursement codes (ICD-10, CPT) in real-time and allowing for charges to be available to billing systems within seconds. Maverick’s Generative AI model, which learns from the collection of real-time feedback from auditors and medical coders, results in consistently compliant coding and industry-leading direct-to-bill rates.

Maverick’s platform has already been integrated into Dexios’s system, which serves several radiology clinics, imaging centers, and hospitals across 16 states. As an RCM service provider, Dexios leverages Maverick’s Autonomous Medical Coding platform to support its entire operation by underpinning the work of its medical coders—achieving an industry-vaulting 85 percent direct-to-bill rate.

“We are proud to partner with a leading RCM that caters to the radiology market,” says Yossi Shahak, CEO and Co-Founder of Maverick Medical AI. “Our decision to embrace Generative AI in our platform’s development was a game-changer. It’s the ideal solution for medical coding, with proven results. We’ve achieved an impressive 85% direct-to-bill rate, revolutionizing the medical coding industry and significantly alleviating the administrative burdens on healthcare providers.”

Kyle Tucker, CEO of Dexios and President-elect of HBMA, stated, “AI will fundamentally change the way that the RCM industry functions. It will be as dramatic as when the industry went from being mostly manual and paper-driven to computers. Unlike then, however, it won’t take a decade to evolve and mature. We should be thinking in terms of months and not years this time. The AI revolution is already here, and the difference between the AI-driven RCM companies and the non-AI-driven companies will be as stark as those RCM companies still doing things manually when their competitors were computerized. We partnered with Maverick because they were on the leading edge of AI technology and had invested in doing things the right way. Dexios’ focus has always been on coding accuracy. We wanted to partner with someone who had the same passion for detail and accuracy that we did. We found that in Maverick.”

“Maverick Medical AI has supercharged our ability to code accurately and quickly for our clients, allowing our team to strategize on how to reduce denials on the front end, which will increase Net Collection Percentage for our clients. I proceed cautiously with implementing new technology and had concerns based on past experience with computerized aided coding, but Maverick Medical AI has exceeded my expectations,” says Billie Artcliff, President of Dexios.

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