Essential AI & Google Cloud announced a new multi-year partnership

The AI startup is one of the first companies to leverage Google Cloud's new TPU v5p

Essential AI and Google Cloud today announced a new multi-year partnership to simplify and scale the development of full-stack generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) products that will help empower enterprise users to make data-driven decisions. With Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider, Essential AI can deliver enterprise-tailored large language models (LLMs) that can help increase business productivity by automating time-consuming and monotonous workflows.

“Delivering sophisticated gen AI models that meet the heightened needs of enterprise users requires extensive training periods and compute-heavy workloads,” said Ashish Vaswani, CEO, Essential AI. “By partnering with Google Cloud, we will be able to provide the tools and capabilities companies need to make complex workloads more simple and less time consuming.”

As part of the partnership, Essential AI will leverage Cloud TPU v5p to train its models. Cloud TPU v5p is Google Cloud’s most powerful, scalable, and flexible AI accelerator and is optimized for large scale training. With Cloud TPU v5p, Essential AI will be able to train its LLMs faster and more efficiently to help organizations solve complex problems and make data-informed decisions.

Additionally, Essential AI will also build its LLMs on top of Google Cloud’s global infrastructure and will use the company’s best-in-class analytics tools including BigQuery, Looker, and Google Analytics to help train its models. These tools will help Essential AI’s models better understand how its customers’ data connects with their business goals, while delivering insights and metrics that are easy to understand.

“Google Cloud is committed to building the most open AI ecosystem in the industry, and our partnership with Essential AI underscores our shared vision to help organizations digitally transform with generative AI,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud. “With Google Cloud’s integrated AI stack, Essential AI can more easily empower enterprises to address their complex business challenges and succeed in today’s competitive landscape.”

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