Globant reveals its 2024 Tech Trends

  • The annual report delves into key areas anticipated to undergo significant changes in the foreseeable future.
  • Additionally, it presents fresh insights into consumer expectations regarding the utilization of artificial intelligence: 40% believe that the widespread adoption of AI across industries will lead to significant improvements in customer experience, and 96% think it’s important for businesses to be transparent about how and when they are using AI in their products or services.

Globant’s Digital Studio Network, which harnesses disruptive tech to put clients’ businesses at the forefront of innovation, published its 2024 Tech Trends Report, highlighting top tech predictions for the year ahead.

“Technologies that make it to the forefront in 2024 will be those that can make measurable impacts on the customer experience, the employee experience and/or business advancement,” said Diego Tártara, Chief Technology Officer at Globant. “The human impact has never been more critical, and the technologies that can work alongside humans to improve capabilities and lives will take off.”

The 2024 Tech Trends Report focuses on the following five areas that will usher in the most change over the next 12 months and beyond:

  • Artificial Intelligence: While big businesses focused on using AI for cost optimization and efficiency last year, the opportunity to use AI to skyrocket customer experiences in organizations across the board is largely untapped. With the development of countless accessible AI tools, organizations will adopt AI like never before to improve outcomes and manage resources. Organizations that invested in AI in 2023 will use these tools to largely focus on differentiating their customer experiences in 2024.
  • Quantum Computing: Many organizations will start understanding how quantum computing could impact their business in 2024, but only some will take steps forward. Applications in data and computing-rich fields, such as finance and pharmaceutical research, will likely be the first to take interest and invest.
  • Robotics: The robotics market will reach a pivotal point with versatile robots, thanks to AI developments. In 2024, businesses will start to adopt robots-as-a-service (RaaS), with many not taking a humanoid form but rather focused on an optimized task, like rolling delivery bots. Robotics is also entering the “non-manufacturing” space where it’s traditionally been used for automation and efficiencies, and expanding into areas like hospitality and entertainment.
  • Blockchain: Blockchain will remain a critical technology for specific industries. The implications for digital identities and data security will keep the blockchain in the conversation around technology reinvention, but it won’t truly take off until governments and public agencies champion its interoperability.
  • Immersive Experiences: Despite some headlines to the contrary, interest in 3D immersive experiences is still strong. In 2024, we will see a static interest in the metaverse, with peak interest coming with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro in Q1. Key players will continue to invest heavily into making it an everyday interaction for individuals.
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