Maverick Medical AI announced partnership with RadNet

Maverick Medical AI is the first autonomous coding platform to surpass an 85 percent direct-to-bill rate by utilizing generative AI.

Maverick Medical AI, or Maverick, a provider of an innovative and autonomous AI-powered medical coding platform, announced today that it has partnered with RadNet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDNT), a leading national provider of free-standing, fixed-site radiology diagnostic imaging services in the United States. Through this partnership, Maverick integrates its Autonomous Medical Coding platform as the solution for RadNet’s medical coding needs, which will help optimize its revenue cycle management process, reduce operational costs, and increase reimbursement.

Maverick’s Autonomous Medical Coding platform has already been successfully deployed within RadNet’s network of imaging centers. By integrating with DeepHealth, RadNet’s AI-powered health informatics system, Maverick is part of the company’s drive to create breakthroughs in care delivery.

Maverick combines the domain knowledge of medical coding with cutting-edge machine learning and generative AI. It autonomously analyzes clinical notes and reports, accurately generating reimbursement codes (ICD-10, CPT) in real-time and allowing for charges to be available to billing systems within seconds. One of Maverick’s key capabilities is its auditing features, which provide RadNet’s medical coding team the ability to review pre-populated reimbursement codes in a timely fashion. Maverick’s ability to perform active learning enables the collection of feedback in real-time from auditors and medical coders, allowing the platform to adapt without any human intervention. The result is a significant boost in productivity.

RadNet’s Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Susan Hollabaugh, said, “Prior to choosing Maverick, we conducted a year-long assessment of various autonomous coding platforms. Our selection was driven by a combination of key criteria, including a requirement for cutting-edge generative AI technology, support for MIPS quality measures, the development of a real-time radiologist interface for addendum creation, and the ability for the platform to continuously adapt to evolving coding guidelines and regulations. Additionally, we conducted a successful pilot of Maverick’s generative AI engine on 350,000 studies, achieving an unprecedented 85 percent direct-to-bill rate.”

“Our platform’s ability to blend the power of deep learning generative AI and medical coding domain knowledge has proven to significantly transform medical coding efficiency,” says Yossi Shahak, CEO of Maverick Medical AI. “Our integration with RadNet’s AI informatics platform, DeepHealth, will span all 360-plus imaging sites in their nationwide network, ensuring a superior direct-to-bill rate. By replacing the legacy computer-assisted coding systems with Maverick Medical AI, we are not just streamlining medical coding processes, but also reducing errors and shaping the future of medical coding.”

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