MobiDev Software Engineering Company expands presence in California

MobiDev, a software development company providing engineering and consulting services since 2009, has just opened a new sales office location in Sacramento, CA, USA. This expansion marks a significant step forward in the company’s growth strategy and its goal to cultivate a closer and more effective long-term relationship with their US clients. This is the second representation of the company in the USA, following the establishment of its headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Combining years of tech and business expertise, MobiDev gained recognition as a reliable software engineering provider for SMB and medium-sized enterprises in the USA, UK, and EU. With an average employee tenure of over 5 years and 89% middle & senior engineers on board, the company provides a range of services to cover various clients needs, including tech consulting, team augmentation and dedicated development teams.

“Our customers value our approach to product development, which combines both technology and business expertise, and they typically work with MobiDev for an average of more than 5 years. This results in more efficient solutions with the relevant features and workflows, leading to sustainable success.” – Xenia Potiakova, Head of Business Development, says.

With a diverse portfolio of projects including notable ones that have stood the test of time for more than a decade, MobiDev demonstrates its competencies to implement large-scale solutions, including those related to expertise in AI and AR. Understanding the challenges businesses face when adopting innovations, the company has launched AI product consulting services. This goes beyond the traditional engineering practices, as they help clients in discovering the perfect market fit and aligning business objectives, market needs, and technological capabilities to create an optimal solution that fosters long-term value.

The company’s upcoming plans involve further expanding its geographical reach, while continuously adjusting its services to meet the evolving demands of the market.

“We will continue to adhere to MobiDev’s philosophy and take care of technology and project management down to the smallest detail, allowing our customers to focus on business strategy and product vision.” – Oleg Lola, CEO of MobiDev, says – “While we take care of the implementation details, constantly contributing our consulting and engineering expertise for mutual success.”

To arrange a meeting in the new office located in California: 2108 N ST #5523, Sacramento, CA 95816, please call: +1 916 243 0946 (USA/Canada).

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