NordVPN joins efforts to develop anti-malware and VPN testing

NordVPN, a leading cybersecurity company, is becoming a member of the non-profit Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO). By joining a broad group of cybersecurity experts, NordVPN aims to contribute to developing anti-malware and VPN testing and share industry knowledge on how to protect internet users from evolving cybersecurity threats.

“While VPN services become more and more popular among internet users all over the world, the testing standard remains unclear. The AMTSO community did a great job developing clear and transparent cybersecurity standards over the years. We aim to help improve anti-malware testing standards even further and bring industry knowledge to develop trustworthy VPN testing standards,” says Vykintas Maknickas, head of Product Strategy at NordVPN.

NordVPN, being one of the most advanced service providers globally, is always pushing for more quality of services and transparency of the VPN industry. The company is a member of the VPN Trust Initiative, aiming to establish a baseline for how virtual private network providers should operate. Joining AMTSO is another step by NordVPN to increase users’ trust in VPN services.

Additionally, NordVPN is also eager to contribute to the development of anti-malware testing standards. Its Threat Protection feature is one of the most advanced cybersecurity solutions that helps millions of users protect their devices from cyber threats, including malware, trackers, and malicious URLs and files. The company wants to share knowledge and contribute to better web security and users’ protection from scams and phishing attacks.

“Our goal has always been to create a radically better internet. We believe that together with the AMTSO team and community playing a key role in the cybersecurity industry, we can develop a better testing standard and share the accumulated knowledge needed for the privacy and security of internet users,” adds Maknickas.

AMTSO is a non-profit organization that develops standards and guidelines for anti-malware testing, provides advice and guidance to expert testers among members and others starting out in testing. In addition, the organization builds and hosts tools for both expert testers and everyday consumers. AMTSO currently has over 60 members from across the security and testing industries, including Microsoft, Avast, McAfee, Norton, Sophos, and other cybersecurity tools developers and testers.

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