Opera to become the first major browser with on-device AI Models

Opera [NASDAQ: OPRA] is announcing plans to add new on-device browser AI capabilities to its flagship browser, Opera One, and its gaming browser, Opera GX. In April 2024, Opera became the first browser with support for on-device AI by providing access to local LLMs directly in the application. Opera is now preparing for this feature set to exit the experimental early access stage and become part of its flagship browsers used by millions of people every day. The support for on-device AI will be provided across all Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices, enabling on-device AI access on existing as well as new hardware.

Local AI developments in both hardware and software are currently a big focus in our industry. Opera is now announcing plans to move our on-device browser AI function from the Opera Developer testbed to our flagship Opera One browser,” said Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers and Gaming.

The initial experimental release of on-device AI in Opera in April 2024 made the browser the first one to introduce such a feature to its audience as part of the company’s AI Feature Drops Program. Since then Opera has added support for more than 2000 local LLM variants from more than 60 families of models to its browser. This step marked the first time local LLMs could be easily accessed and managed from a major browser through a built-in feature.

With on-device AI support, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible today and enabling new use cases, while adding an additional level of privacy for our users by limiting the need to transfer their personal data to servers while using AI,” said Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers and Gaming.

Opera keeps shipping the newest innovative l AI features as part of its AI Feature Drops program into the developer stream of its browser.

New Image Understanding feature in Opera’s browser AI

This week, Opera’s browser AI, Aria, has gained the ability to understand images. This new feature allows users to upload images to Aria in the sidebar chat, and ask questions about them. The AI provides them with information about an image as well as with the necessary context about it.

Opera’s commitment to the vision that soon all Opera users will be AI users is backed by the company’s strategic investments, including its recent deployment of the NVIDIA H100 card-powered AI data cluster in Iceland – which has been ranked as the world’s 88th most powerful supercomputer on Earth and is run solely on green energy. Additionally, Opera has just announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to integrate Gemini models into its Aria browser AI. Such computational power and strategic collaborations are being harnessed to bring the best AI solutions to Opera users around the world.

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