O’Shaughnessy Ventures invests in Hegel AI, an Open Source AI Startup

Hegel AI is Building an Open Source Toolbox for Developing Generative AI Applications.

O’Shaughnessy Ventures LLC (“OSV”), a family office that invests in ambitious seed and pre-seed startups, announced today that it has invested in Hegel AI, Inc. (“Hegel”).  Founded in 2023 by Steve Krawczyk and Kevin Tse, Hegel is building a developer platform for generative AI applications. It aims to simplify the end-to-end development lifecycle for the next generation of AI applications.

Hegel’s first platform launch, PromptTools, enables experimentation with prompts, fine-tuned models, and retrieval-augmented generation systems. Its next products will aim to improve prompts and models automatically using online monitoring and evaluation. PromptTools is available here.

“The future of AI is open source,” said OSV’s founder, Jim O’Shaughnessy; “Hegel provides developers with the tools they need to build industry-changing applications across all models and vector databases.”

Krawczyk commented; “It’s an honor to welcome OSV, whose investments in Prefect and Stability AI demonstrate a consistent focus on open source, developer-friendly products.”

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