Queclink demonstrates competence in IoT at IoT Tech Expo

Queclink, a world-leading IoT device and solution provider, attended the IoT Tech Expo 2023 in Amsterdam, demonstrating their competence in the field of IoT connectivity. With their cutting-edge industrial routers and AI-powered dash camera captivating the attention of attendees from a variety of industries, Queclink confirms their place at the forefront of the IoT revolution.

New to the IoT Tech Expo, a global IoT event for professionals seeking to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving sector, Queclink participated in the show for the first time this year with a main focus on showcasing their ability to revolutionize operations, foster connectivity, and ultimately shape a smarter future for businesses across the board.

The company exhibited at the booth a series of industrial routers, designed to meet the evolving connectivity needs of businesses in industrial settings. The rugged, high-performance routers are reliable, stable, and compatible to multiple protocols including Modbus, MQTT, HTTP, etc, allowing for adaptability and remote management in all kinds of applications.

Another standout feature at Queclink’s booth was their video telematics solution, the AI-powered dash camera. Combining advanced AI algorithms with real-time monitoring capabilities supported by LTE Cat 6 cellular technology, the camera has been applauded for its ability to significantly improve vehicle safety and security. Fleet operators were particularly intrigued by the dash cameras’ capability to detect driver fatigue, recognize hazardous road conditions, and reduce accidents.

At the event, Queclink also displayed an e-bike model in collaboration with its partner company, NINEBOT. The e-bike, which is integrated with Queclink’s latest emobility product SC350MG, allows for smart management as it communicates directly with the controller and the Battery Management System (BMS) via CAN or UART port.

The company welcomed both major partners, clients, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises to their booth,indicating the growing use and popularization of IoT on a larger scale. While the IoT market develops and expands, connectivity is also transitioning from being a typical consideration for fleets, rental services, and manufacturers to becoming a common topic across businesses of all sizes, including poultry butcheries, drone fleets, and more.

In addition to showcasing their exceptional products, Queclink had the opportunity to network and collaborate with top-notch experts in edge computing, AI, and data management. By engaging with industry leaders in these fields, Queclink ensures that their IoT solutions remain at the cutting edge of innovation. The company’s commitment to collaboration and knowledge sharing positions them as a trusted partner in the IoT ecosystem.

As Queclink looks to the future, their commitment to networking with industry experts and the latest opportunities and trends remains unwavering. This dedication ensures that their solutions continue to be at the forefront of IoT hardware designing and manufacturing, enabling industries to thrive in the era of connected devices and digital transformation.

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