New Challenges for IT

In today’s highly mobile world, employees can work from just about anywhere using just about any device. Gone are the days when the vast majority of employees worked in corporate buildings using stationary desktop systems loaded with applications and operating systems installed by IT administrators.

Securing and Mobilizing Enterprise Apps

Bridging the Old and the New

A digital workspace platform provides the necessary tools to enable your IT organization to manage and secure diverse end-user devices and to deliver apps and data to remote and mobile employees.

A digital workspace platform goes beyond the capabilities of legacy XenApp, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and beyond the delivery of virtualized apps to remote users. It couples the delivery of virtualized apps and desktops with a consumer-simple experience and enterprise-class security. And it helps your organization bridge legacy client/server applications written for the PC era with new cloud-based, or native, mobile, cross-platform applications that require little endpoint dependence.

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