SecureMac & announce Cross Advisory Board appointments

In a groundbreaking collaboration between two leading cybersecurity firms, SecureMac and, it was announced today that Nicholas Raba, CEO of SecureMac, and James McMurry, CEO of, will be joining each other’s advisory boards. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in the enhancement of cybersecurity measures and knowledge exchange in the tech industry.

Nicholas Raba joins’s Advisory Board
Nicholas Raba, with his extensive experience in cybersecurity and his visionary leadership at SecureMac, will be bringing his expertise to the advisory board of Raba’s appointment is expected to foster new insights into’s strategic planning and product development, leveraging his deep understanding of cybersecurity threats and solutions.

James McMurry adds expertise to SecureMac’s Advisory Board
In a reciprocal move, James McMurry, the CEO and founder of, will join the advisory board of SecureMac. McMurry’s unique perspective on Artificial Intelligence, Threat Detection, Threat Intel and his experience in leading a cutting-edge cybersecurity firm will be invaluable to SecureMac as they continue to innovate and protect against evolving digital threats.

A Collaboration for Enhanced Cybersecurity
This collaboration represents a mutual recognition of the strengths each CEO brings to their respective fields. By sharing knowledge and expertise, both SecureMac and aim to enhance their capabilities in tackling current and future cybersecurity challenges.

Quotes from the CEOs

Nicholas Raba of SecureMac expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Joining the advisory board of is a unique opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals dedicated to advancing cybersecurity. I am excited to contribute to their already impressive work.”

James McMurry of echoed this sentiment: “I am honored to be joining the advisory board of SecureMac. This collaboration signifies our shared commitment to excellence in cybersecurity and I look forward to the mutual growth and learning this partnership will bring.”

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