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New patents highlight technical sophistication and market differentiation for Opsera's Unified Insights solution and DevOps Toolchain Automation capabilities

Opsera, the Cloud-Native Unified DevOps Platform trusted by innovative enterprise IT organizations around the globe, today announced that two new patents have been issued for its Unified DevOps Platform, now totaling nine patents issued for the most advanced and scalable cloud-native DevOps Platform in the market today.

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Enterprise customers can utilize Opsera’s sophisticated, patented technology to tap into powerful Unified Insights that enable businesses to make smart decisions, faster and adhere to strict compliance requirements. The Opsera Unified DevOps Platform is also patented to give developers flexibility and freedom of tool choice through toolchain automation that integrates with any tool on the market.

Improve Developer Experience (DevEx) & Productivity

Opsera customers transform their DevOps and DevSecOps journeys, increase agility by 25x, boost security posture by 60-75%, increase productivity 75%, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 2 to 3x.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued the following patents to Opsera:

  • Unified Insights
    US Patent No. 11,880,360 “Transforming data in DevOps landscape.” The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for deriving unified insights and logs from DevOps Cl/CD tools and pipeline data.
    • A continuous orchestrator sequences, aggregates and contextualizes the logs, providing an intuitive way of troubleshooting issues across a DevOps environment, historical data for compliance and audit purposes, and a build manifest for root cause analysis.
    • The continuous orchestrator also processes the logs and leverages a KPI framework, providing intelligent dashboards across 90+ KPIs to help customers make smart decisions and do more with less.
  • Toolchain Automation
    US Patent No. 11,698,798 “Tool registry for DevOps toolchain automation.” The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for tool registry for automating DevOps toolchains.
    • The user submits a DevOps tool, along with authentication information and tool configuration data.
    • We automatically access the chosen DevOps tool, including its authentication information and configuration data, from the tool registry.
    • The DevOps tool is then configured for the DevOps job and interaction with other tools based on the accessed authentication information and configuration data.
    • Finally, the DevOps job is deployed.

These patents are in addition to previously granted patents including U.S. Patent No. 11,416,266 entitled, “DevOps toolchain automation” and U.S. Patent No. 11,609,905 entitled, “Persona Based Analytics.”

“We are pleased to continue to add new patents to our industry-leading Unified DevOps Platform,” said Kumar Chivukula, co-founder and CEO of Opsera. “With Opsera, we are bringing innovative, patented technology to enterprise teams to give them the choice and flexibility with their tools and automation, while accelerating DevOps maturity and maintaining the highest levels of quality and security that cannot be found with other platforms on the market. Opsera improves developer experience, helps enterprises accelerate their modernization journey and provides the most comprehensive insights into the software delivery lifecycle.”

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