SilverSky announces AI Initiative with MIT SuperCloud

SilverSky, a cybersecurity innovator offering powerful managed extended detection and response (MxDR) services, today announced a collaboration with MIT Connection Science.

SilverSky, with its over 20 years of experience and extraordinary data sets, and MIT Connection Science’s Dr. Jeremy Kepner, a pioneer in AI Mathematics, are coming together to advance Cybersecurity AI. This collaboration intersects at the MIT SuperCloud whose computational scale allows fast analysis of large and complex problems.

This is an excellent example of how the academic community can partner with the business community to support efforts to stay ahead of those trying to harm the cybersecurity space. “This has always been an area that I wanted SilverSky to be a part of by partnering with some of the best mathematical minds in the world to help better protect our customers,” said Cary Conrad, President of SilverSky. This partnership will allow SilverSky to accelerate the detection of cybersecurity events across the SilverSky customer base to enhance our award-winning MxDR service.

MIT Connection Science is led by Prof. Alex “Sandy” Pentland, which uses network science to access and change real-world human behavior. Prof. Pentland is the Toshiba Professor of Media, Arts, and Sciences at MIT. Sandy also holds a triple appointment at MIT in Media Arts and Sciences, Engineering Systems Division and with the Sloan School of Business. Dr. Jeremy Kepner is an MIT Connection Science scientist, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Fellow, and head of the MIT SuperCloud.

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