Stability AI participating in the UK Government’s AI Safety Summit

Stability AI, the UK’s leading generative AI firm and a British AI unicorn headquartered in London, is pleased to contribute to the upcoming AI Safety Summit hosted by the UK Government at Bletchley Park.

Emad Mostaque, founder and CEO of Stability AI, and Ben Brooks, Head of Public Policy at Stability AI, will participate in the summit.

Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI said, “As the leading British generative AI company, Stability AI is honoured to participate in the upcoming AI Safety Summit. The UK has a once in a generation opportunity to become an AI superpower and ensure that AI benefits all, not just big tech. Open technology is driving a wave of grassroots innovation in the UK and around the world that will greatly benefit economic growth and which is helping to promote transparency and competition in AI.

At this Summit, we will share our experience as a developer of the most popular generative AI models across image, language, code, audio, 3d, and video. We will encourage the Government and other policymakers to commit to supporting AI safety right across the ecosystem, from corporate labs to everyday researchers and from long-term threats to short-term risks to keep Britain safe and competitive.

We believe this is best achieved through a shared vision of the positive transformation this technology will unleash as well as a clear understanding of the emerging risks, so that we can innovate with integrity and align our efforts and systems to ensure our safety and security.”

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