Steer Health recognized as Top Patient Experience Provider

Steer Health is among the top 5 solutions in the category of “Improving the patient experience” and is one of the 20 Emerging Solutions of the 2023 KLAS Spotlight Report.

Steer Health, an AI-powered growth and automation platform that has been widely adopted by leading hospitals and health systems, earned high customer satisfaction scores in the KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight Report 2023. Steer was named a Top 20 Emerging Solutions Provider by the independent research organization KLAS.

Emerging Technology Spotlight Reports highlight new technologies that are transforming the healthcare market. KLAS captures customer feedback from organizations, after which healthcare executives use this data to measure the ability of these new solutions to transform the healthcare market. The experts examine how the emerging technology providers impact the quadruple aim of healthcare: improving outcomes, lowering the cost of care, enhancing the patient experience, and improving the clinician experience.

In this context, Steer Health was awarded as one of the top solutions with an overall customer satisfaction score of 86 and ranked among the top 5 for the category of “Improving Patient Experience”.

“We are honored to be recognized by KLAS Research as a leader in emerging technology, confirming our commitment to transforming healthcare with one-to-one personalized care. This milestone is more than an award; it’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of driving growth and cost savings to our customers. As we usher in a new era of consumer-centric, digital-first healthcare, we are giving clinicians the gift of time and patients the gift of an enhanced experience. Together, we are empowering staff, providers, patients and caregivers,” said Sridhar Yerramreddy, Founder and CEO of Steer Health.

The KLAS recognition holds immense significance for Steer Health, as it validates the dedicated efforts that have benefited numerous hospitals and healthcare customers. The award also serves as a testament to Steer’s mission of transforming healthcare toward a patient- and employee-centered care by providing healthcare organizations with the right tools to revolutionize patient care experiences, make healthcare more accessible, and simplify healthcare journeys for all.

“KLAS strongly believes in the transformative potential of technology in healthcare. So, we take great pride in investigating innovative, emerging technology solutions. Our goal is to help providers navigate the buzz surrounding emerging technology and showcase the solutions that have the greatest potential to truly change healthcare for the better. Our latest Top 20 report underscores these solutions and brings transparency to what’s new in the market,” said Adam Gale, CEO of KLAS Research.

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