Stuart McClure joins the MightyID C-Suite Advisory Board

MightyID, a leading provider of identity resilience solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Stuart McClure to its esteemed C-Suite Advisory Board. With his unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity, McClure brings invaluable insights and strategic guidance to further enhance MightyID’s commitment to revolutionizing identity security and resilience against persistent online threats.

“We are thrilled to welcome Stuart to the MightyID family. Having him join the MightyID advisory board marks a significant milestone for us. Stuart’s unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity and his pioneering work in leveraging AI and ML for security place him in a league of his own,” said Ray Zadjmool, CEO of MightyID. “We are thrilled to have Stuart on board to guide our strategic direction, enhancing our capabilities and ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation in the identity security space. His leadership and insights will undoubtedly accelerate our journey towards securing digital identities against the evolving threat landscape.”

A seasoned industry veteran, Stuart McClure is widely recognized for his pioneering contributions to cybersecurity. McClure founded Cylance in 2012 as the first endpoint cybersecurity company, forever changing the industry. As Cylance CEO and President, McClure led the charge in developing innovative solutions to combat evolving cybersecurity challenges. McClure’s visionary leadership and deep technical knowledge have earned him accolades and positioned him as a thought leader in the cybersecurity landscape.

Today, McClure is CEO of Qwiet AI, another pioneering force in the industry. Qwiet AI is an artificial intelligence-powered AppSec platform to help security professionals identify vulnerabilities faster, and more accurately.

“As cyberthreats grow in frequency and aggression, safeguarding digital identities is paramount,” said Stuart McClure. “MightyID stands as a linchpin in the cybersecurity domain, offering a failsafe IAM resilience platform that uniquely addresses the intricate challenges of identity management. Its automated recovery, port, and failover capabilities set a new standard for IAM solutions. Given MightyID’s roots in Tevora’s deep cybersecurity expertise, it’s positioned to lead with innovative, future-proof solutions.”

As a member of the MightyID C-Suite Advisory Board, Stuart McClure will leverage his wealth of experience to advise on strategic initiatives, product development, and market strategy. His collaboration with MightyID’s Advisory Board and senior executives will help guide the company as it continues to innovate and deliver cutting-edge resilience solutions that protect identity data and support business continuity.

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