Tamnoon named a Finalist at RSA Conference Launch Pad 2024

Tamnoon, the pioneer in managed cloud remediation, is proud to have been chosen as a finalist at RSAC Launch Pad 2024. As a leading provider of Managed Cloud Detection, Remediation, and Response services, Tamnoon continues to empower scalable, efficient, and safe remediation for cloud security teams.

RSA Conference Launch Pad provides a platform for emerging companies to showcase their groundbreaking technologies and solutions. Tamnoon’s selection as a finalist underscores its innovative approach to managed cloud remediation services. Through a pioneering fusion of purpose-built technology, AI, and human expertise, Tamnoon empowers security and development teams to effectively remediate their clouds at scale.

At RSAC Launch Pad, Tamnoon will demonstrate its latest innovations in advancing managed cloud remediation, response, and prevention. Focusing on turning cloud security (CNAPP, CIEM, DSPM, CWPP, and CSPM) alerts into swift and meaningful remediation actions, Tamnoon empowers organizations to fortify their security posture, scale security teams, overcome alert fatigue, and mitigate risks effectively.

“We are thrilled to be a part of RSAC Launch Pad,” said Marina Segal, Co-Founder and CEO of Tamnoon. “This opportunity allows us to demonstrate our innovative cloud remediation and prevention approach. It highlights our value to organizations dealing with prioritization, impact analysis, prevention, and scaling their cloud remediation processes.”

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