vidby launches Vidby Call Translator, Over 150 Languages & Dialects

A Swiss multi-product IT company specializing in language technologies and development of AI-powered translation solutions, vidby, launches Vidby Call Translator service to let business teams and individual users communicate with foreign language participants through Google Meet. Users can translate video calls in real time and understand colleagues globally in over 150 languages.

The niche of video call translations is abuzz with solutions, yet existing software faces many hurdles. As providers and users seek innovative solutions, the market for speech-to-speech translation is expected to grow by an impressive 19.8% from 2023 to 2028. Vidby positions itself as a leading provider of B2B and, unlike competitors, well-crafted B2C solutions for real-time video call translation.

With Vidby Call Translator, multiple participants can chat online without language hiccups, avoiding the hassle and costs of booking a translator. They can download a text file of the meeting transcription in their target language.

Large-scale businesses, creators, event managers, or educational platforms can choose the best-fitting subscription plan to start using meeting translations in Google Meet (with Zoom and Microsoft Teams coming soon).

To tap into the solution’s benefits, a user should log in and select their native language in the profile settings. After that, a user should insert the link to a Google Meet meeting and then connect the vidby call translator bot to the call. For the bot, it’s necessary to set languages for each call participant and specify target languages for translation. Once the bot says, “I’m ready,” the users can start the conversation: one person speaking at a time, other participants having their microphones on mute.

The key functionalities of the product involve the following:

  • Vidby call translator bot that automatically joins a call upon invitation
  • The list of scheduled calls automatically fetched from the user’s calendar
  • List of their screen names from Google Meet (Zoom and Teams are coming soon)
  • Recognition of speech and voices and real-time translation
  • Notifications when the bot can start translating and when the translation is ready
  • Call transcription text file
  • Translation to the user’s main language, saved in the user’s profile
  • Search for calls by name among upcoming and past calls

Vidby Call Translator is a cutting-edge solution designed to bridge the language gap in video and audio call services. Seamless multilingual communication is now within reach, making global conversations more accessible and efficient than ever before.

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