Xccelerate AI unveils achievement for fast engineering simulations

Revolutionary AI-based tool makes complex simulations more than 10,000X faster.

Xccelerate AI is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking AI-based framework that is set to revolutionize the world of engineering simulations. This innovative leap promises to swiftly predict simulation results, dramatically speeding up complex engineering simulations unleashing a whirlwind of benefits for industries far and wide.

Complex simulations in engineering traditionally demands extensive computational power and time, sometimes taking days to weeks to complete, wreaking havoc on project schedules and budgets.

‘At Xccelerate AI, we are deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in engineering and product development,’ states Dr. Burak Ozturk, CEO of Xccelerate AI. ‘Our innovative AI-based framework is a testament to this commitment, providing a transformative solution that not only accelerates simulation times but also empowers designers and engineers to innovate more freely, explore new possibilities, and achieve excellence in product development. We are ushering in a new era of speed, precision, and efficiency, and we’re excited to see the incredible impact this will have across various industries.’

What’s more, this innovative approach isn’t confined to a single industry. It’s an industry-agnostic solution, catering to anyone who relies on digital simulations for product design and manufacturing. Originally crafted to expedite structural analyses in the automotive sector, its applications have now expanded across various industries.

The framework operates on a straightforward concept: it learns from existing simulation data to predict results for new designs. Many organizations already possess the requisite simulation data for model training, enabling implementation of a bespoke surrogate model for their products in just a few short days. For those without pre-existing data, Xccelerate AI offers extensive expertise in modeling complex phenomena and can assist in cost-effectively acquiring the necessary data.

‘This framework represents a monumental leap forward in simulation technology,’ says Dr. Kaan Inal, the lead visionary behind Xccelerate AI’s cutting-edge framework. ‘By leveraging advanced machine learning, we’ve turned what used to be weeks of computation into mere seconds, without sacrificing accuracy. This is more than just a step change; it’s a whole new paradigm that opens limitless possibilities for innovation across industries.’

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