AdvanIDe offers RAIN RFID – NXP UCODE(R)8 small reliable package

AdvanIDe offers RAIN RFID - NXP UCODE(R)8 small reliable package

AdvanIDe – Advanced ID Electronics – the leading independent provider of semiconductors for the smart card, IoT, NFC and RFID industry, today announced the product launch of the NXP UCODE®8 MicroSON®-3 package from NedCard, a leading semiconductor assembly and testing company. NedCard package solutions are used in smart card, RFID, sensor, M2M, IoT and other enabling technologies. NedCard is a global manufacturer with plants in Europe and Asia.

To be able to offer its customers the best solutions and services that are tailored to their requirements, NedCard is taking a further step towards global availability. This is being made possible with AdvanIDe (Advanced ID Electronics) as its distribution partner for MicroSON®-3. With 20 years of experience in the provision of semiconductors and added value services, AdvanIDe is one of the leading companies in its sector. With sales locations and logistics centers located in key markets, the company ensures that customers enjoy rapid response times and the global availability of products.

To support customers, the company also offers technical support, a wide range of example products and source code. In addition to this, experienced Field Application Engineers (FAEs) are also available at strategically relevant locations.

“By working together with NedCard, we can offer additional packages & services which are required from customers to build successful and trusted RFID solutions, specifically in industrial and IoT applications.” – Kay Plaumann, Segment Manager – Secure Access at AdvanIDe.

NedCard is making use of the potential from its successes and its pioneering role in the areas of Secure Mobile ID and IoT and is also expanding into new applications and new areas of business.

“With AdvanIDe, we are pleased to expand on our existing long-term relationship beyond the packaging of smart card ICs. We have been working together closely for many years and are now tackling new opportunities to provide value-add to UHF ICs, that expand use cases beyond traditional RFID item tagging applications,” said Maarten Dolf Desertine, Manager New Business Development at NedCard.

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About AdvanIDe

AdvanIDe – Advanced ID Electronics – is one of the leading semiconductor providers focused on components and value-added services and products that are typically being used in RFID transponders and readers, chip cards, security access modules, NFC and IoT devices. AdvanIDe works with leading card manufacturers, security and state printers, transponder manufacturers, OEMs and system-developers. The company’s clients supply their products and solutions into applications such as access-management, hospitality and loyalty, automated fare collection, smart city applications, object identification, eGovernment, financial services, M2M security, authentication and IoT.

AdvanIDe had revenues of USD 160M in 2017 and operates from 12 offices in international locations and three representative offices in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. AdvanIDe is jointly owned by the Japan South East Asia Growth Fund L.P. and key employees. Additional information can be found by visiting

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UCODE is a trademark of NXP BV.
MicroSON®-3 is a trademark of NedCard BV.

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