Advantech’s First IoT Co-Creation Summit Empowers Global IoT Industry Chain with Co-Creation

Advantech's First IoT Co-Creation Summit Empowers Global IoT Industry Chain with Co-Creation

Advantech, a leader in the global intelligent systems market, held its first Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit at Suzhou, China, International Expo Center last November. More than 5,000 Advantech clients and partners around the world attended the opening day of the summit.

During the event, Advantech introduced its newest Internet of Things (IoT) platform structure WISE-PaaS 3.0 and 32 IoT solution ready packages (SRPs) co-created with software and industry partners. The event in itself will aid in the software and hardware integration for various industries, connect and build a complete industrial IoT ecosystem and value chain, and allow Advantech and partners to officially step into the next IoT stage.

Advantech Chairman KC Liu said within the diverse and fragmented IoT application market, Advantech has assisted industries in integrating and connecting existing hardware and software creating a complete industry value chain—Advantech’s primary task in IoT industry development. In line with this trend, Advantech launched its WISE-PaaS platform in 2014. Two years later the connected platform works from top to bottom, including services such as, sensing, edge computing, communications, PaaS platform, SRPs, cloud service operation, and creating a complete IoT supply chain.

Liu explained that for this chain to be fully executed and for application landing population, success lies in adequate collaboration and integration between the platform technology supplier and industry professionals to create standardized and replicable SRP products with combined software and hardware systems. Systems integrators can then install the SRPs at a users’ site and perform subsequent maintenance, completing a field solution and forming an industrial IoT supply chain.

To accelerate the integration of software and hardware in each industry, Advantech prepared 32 IoT SRPs, to satisfy several market applications.

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