Apacer to Showcase New Generation of IoT Memory Solutions

Apacer to Showcase New Generation of IoT Memory Solutions - Greater Capacity and Durability and Easier Management in the 2018 Flash Memory Summit

From August 6 to 9, Apacer is participating in the 2018 Flash Memory Summit at Santa Clara, CA, to showcase cutting-edge industrial grade 3D SSD solutions and memory technologies, all of which meet the memory requirements of the IoT for high capacity, speed, and durability.

The era of ubiquitous interconnectedness is coming. Cloud computing demands large data centers, while edge computing has been on the rise. Data centers continue to be built at the same time that smart devices are seeing explosive growth. With the staggering speed at which the amount of global data is growing, only high-capacity memory equipment can keep up. Memory equipment has increased in number in this IoT era and is set up in a variety of places, making managing the ways SSDs store data an important task. Meanwhile, smart devices connected through the IoT primarily deal with the reading and writing of small random data, throwing up new challenges to the durability of their memory products.

In response to this enormous amount of data, Apacer intends to present memory solutions at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit, including the brand new storage technology CoreLife and management tool CoreAnalyzer2 for industrial 3D SSDs. Each product comes with greatly increased capacity and durability and makes storage management easier. These new products are expected to provide clients with flexibility in storage resolution at very competitive prices.

Cross Generation 3D Industrial Grade Flash Memory   Giant Leap in Capacity and Speed

Data will undoubtedly be the driving force behind future technologies. Because storage devices are already required to read and write a huge amount of data on a daily basis, their capacity, speed, and reliability cannot be compromised. Apacer is launching brand new 3D full industrial grade storage solutions that adopt 3D TLC NAND chips, with all SSDs coming with a high capacity option. These products have an NVMe interface and Over-Provisioning technology on board, and their sequential read/write speed is as fast as 3300/2600 MB/sec respectively. Their ability to operate within a wide range of temperatures means that even under severe conditions, these products will still maintain outstanding performance. This line of products can be applied in IoT scenarios in a wide range of fields, including transportation, military, gambling, and health.

CoreAnalyzer2 Smart User Behavior Monitoring   Further Upgraded Performance

Smart manufacturing has become the sought-after mode for production. To achieve optimal production efficiency, it requires intricate and diverse industrial storage solutions, which is why Apacer has launched the exclusive CoreAnalyzer2 technology. CoreAnalyzer2 can be applied to most major industrial application platforms to monitor and analyze user behavior and to constantly record the operation conditions of SSDs and the entire operating system. Among the items it monitors are temperature, instruction, access location, random or consecutive read/write behavior, data size, 4K alignment, PE count, power failure count, and idle time and frequency. The user can collect data using CoreAnalyzer2 and use it to make minor adjustments to the system program, thus extending SSD lifespan and optimizing general operation performance.

CoreLife Improves SSD Lifespan by times and Greatly Improves Durability

The smart remote units in IoT applications, such as a sensor required to detect its environment around the clock, mainly write small data. In response to this type of application, Apacer has launched the exclusive CoreLife technology, which is based on the newly optimized SLC-lite firmware technology. It can execute roughly 8 times more P/E cycles than that of MLC chips and 1.25 times more than SLC-lite. This technology greatly improves product durability and extends their lifespan. It also provides excellent continuous random write performance and is especially suitable for applications where a large amount of random small data is present and where high durability is required. This technology is the best solution for IoT applications in the transportation and logistics industries.

Apacer Booth Information at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit

Duration: 08/06-08/09, 2018

Booth Number: 806

Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center, California, US

Opening hours:

08/07 (Tue): 4 PM – 7 PM

08/08 (Wed): Noon – 7 PM

08/09 (Thu): 10 AM – 2:30 PM

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