AppViewX Joins Cloud Security Alliance

Field CISO to take active role in CSA’s Identity Access Management and Zero Trust Working Groups to help create best practices for Identity Governance

AppViewX, the leader in automated machine identity management (MIM) and application infrastructure security, today announced that the company has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. In doing so, Alon Nachmany, Field CISO at AppViewX, will be making significant contributions to the direction and development of research in the newly formed Identity Access Management (IAM) Working Group, as well as the well-established Zero Trust Working Group. These groups will look to compile industry best practices and educate organizations about how to ensure digital identities (software and hardware) are secure and compliant in complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments and as part of zero trust strategies.

As a CSA member, AppViewX will further educate the market on the increased risk surface created by the growing number of machines being deployed during cloud migrations.

“I am very excited for AppViewX to join the CSA’s Identity Access Management and Zero Trust Working Groups. Digital transformation and the desire to leverage the cloud to enhance existing services and deliver new experiences creates a tremendous challenge to manage machine identities at scale, mitigate organizational risk and ensure security and compliance. Together, we will promote identity management and cloud security best practices to enable strong security assurance in the most complex and demanding cloud infrastructures,” said Alon Nachmany, Field CISO at AppViewX.

Through its Automation Platform, AppViewX delivers solutions to reduce cybersecurity risk and ensure compliance in the most demanding Fortune-ranked organizations across financial services, banking, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, and high tech. The company’s CERT+ certificate lifecycle management (CLM) solution automates the discovery, monitoring, analysis, provisioning and orchestration of digital certificates and encryption keys to eliminate cloud service outages and prevent damaging security breaches. Delivered on-premises, in the cloud or as a service, AppViewX CERT+ is ready-to-consume and highly scalable to meet any organization’s identity governance and cybersecurity strategy.

“Cloud migrations and digital transformations create new security challenges for organizations, one being the exponential growth in systems and applications that organizations are deploying. We look forward to collaborating with AppViewX and aligning to our goal to provide the best education on securing cloud computing and reducing risk,” said Jim Reavis, CEO, Cloud Security Alliance.

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