ASTELLA and ASTRI Collaborate with 5G Industry Leaders

Astella Technologies Limited (Astella), and Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI) collaborate with 5G industry leaders to deliver a live, 5G end-to-end demonstration of 5G integrated small cells at the MWC Las Vegas 2022, being held in Las Vegas from 28 September to 30 September 2022.

The demonstration showcases the 5G Integrated Small Cell (ISC) connected with a commercial Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for live data streaming. The 5G integrated small cell operates at the 26GHz mmWave carrier frequency with 400MHz carrier bandwidth in a Non-Standalone Architecture (NSA) 5G network.

The end to end 5G mmWave network consists of building blocks from O-RAN ecosystem collaborators. In particular,

  • Core network and MEC
    • ASTRI’s high performance core network and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). Its fully standard compliant core network and MEC technologies have been commercially verified, and provide a reliable, secure, ultra-low latency, high performance, zero-touch deployment network ready for enterprise and commercial markets.
  • 5G ISC
    • NXP® Semiconductors’ integrated small cell hardware platform featuring the company’s Layerscape® Access LA1200 family of programmable baseband processors, along with its high-performance Arm®-based multicore communications processing platform (LX2160).
    • ASTELLA 5G mmWave ISC software which consists of high-performance high PHY and low PHY software with Digital Front-End (DFE), rooted by ASTRI 5G technologies and further enhanced for commercial deployments.
    • 5G mmWave Front End Module (FEM) developed by YTTEK based on the Anokiwave RFICs that supports 2T2R and 400MHz system bandwidth.
  • 5G NSA CPE
    • Commercial CPE supporting 5G NååSA network.

The 5G ISC is operated at 26GHz carrier frequency with 120KHz subcarrier spacing and is configured in 2 transmit and 2 receive (2T2R) with aggregations of 100MHz component carriers to support 400MHz system bandwidth. The demonstration shows the dual connectivity in a 5G NSA network, running live data streaming traffic and achieving over gigabit per second system throughput.

Astella 5G ISC supports both indoor and outdoor deployments of 5G networks in sub-6 or mmWave frequency bands. It also supports open interfaces and measurements from the layers in low PHY and high PHY for 5G intelligent application usages. Astella 5G solutions are cost competitive and industrial-grade O-RAN networking solution based on general purpose processing platforms. They have been deployed in commercial public networks, private networks, industrial internet of things (IoT) networks, 5G mission critical communication networks etc.

Dr Eric Tsang, CEO of Astella Technologies Limited, said “Astella is pleased to collaborate with all the 5G industry leaders to offer commercial ready, cost competitive and high performance 5G solutions. We have strong commitments to accelerate our customers to have quick time to market 5G solutions.”

Dr Justin Chuang, VP of Communications Technologies of ASTRI, said “ASTRI is delighted to join hands with our collaborators to showcase our latest 5G technologies. Ranging from 5G O-RAN base stations, core networks, MEC and orchestrator, ASTRI’s technologies have been licensed to multiple industry partners to enable and accelerate the commercialization. MWC provides a good platform for us to promote technologies and reach-out for collaboration. We look forward to work with the eco-system to develop more market-needed technologies and enable a wider range of emerging applications such as smart cities, industrial IoT, C-V2X, AR/VR etc.”

Astella and ASTRI demonstrates the live end-to-end system of the 5G integrated small cells in the event. Please email us at to schedule physical or virtual meetings with Astella and ASTRI.

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