Automus Consulting launches new integrated AI product; FAiS

Automus Consulting, Inc. is celebrating a successful launch of their new integrated AI product; FAiS.

Meet FAiS. FAiS is an Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning engine designed to work in conjunction with Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Solutions. FAiS adds various external data sources to increase forecast accuracy and help businesses respond to an ever-changing world.

“The encouragement, creative freedom and support from David Binkley to create FAiS and having the ability to launch a product within the Oracle Echo system has been such a fun part of being at Automus.”  Said Faisal Siddiqui, Chief Technology  “When we launched our product at CloudWorld, the feedback we received from Oracle Product Development team and our customers was beyond electrifying.  Hawaiian Host will be our first customer to add FAiS to their organization to help respond to their changing environment.

Our machine learning starts by creating predictive models based on sales and forecast history, and enhances it by adding more features. We layer in

  • Demographic Analysis; Learning to forecast based on different demographic factors for a certain region, including ethnic, gender and age-related data,
  • Weather Data; Weather plays an important role in the Supply Chain for all products, specifically if sourced over distances. Impact is modeled from raw materials to a finished product.
  • Customer Trends; Growth rate of your customers based on internal and external data.
  • Industry and Economic Trends; Industry trends, competitive new products, and CPI analysis.

“FAiS is a robust model that takes more factors into consideration. Being able to dynamically forecast based on selections of multiple external sources, have it adapt to our models and automatically learn from the past forecast accuracy will increase our ability to in real time continuously improve and create a more robust effective supply chain.” Shannon Castellanos Chief Financial Officer, Hawaiian Host Group.

Automus Consulting Inc.

Founded in 2022, Automus is led by a seasoned executive team with deep experience implementing Oracle SaaS, Automus looks to drive innovation and automation within the Oracle SaaS ERP/SCM/EPM/HCM applications space. Headquartered in Century City, CA. Automus will be servicing clients nationwide with its consultants from both its US and India locations.

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