BasisAI included in Forrester’s New Tech Responsible AI Solutions

BasisAI, a provider of scalable and responsible artificial intelligence (AI) software, today announced that it has been recognised in Forrester’s New Tech: Responsible AI Solutions, Q4 2020, report.

As the use of AI becomes more pervasive within enterprise organisations, executives are becoming increasingly concerned with mitigating the unintended consequences of the technology. Using systems which mimic human intelligence and decision-making processes calls into question how decisions are being made and whether they are transparent, explainable, fair, and ultimately responsible. Executives looking to accelerate AI productionisation within their organisation need to focus on minimising risks and ensuring the applications they develop are working as intended. Robust AI governance is key to building trust in AI amongst stakeholders, regulators and society as a whole.

BasisAI’s machine learning (ML) platform, Bedrock, helps enterprises develop responsible AI (RAI). Bedrock is a cloud-based enterprise AI platform that orchestrates, accelerates and governs the end-to-end ML modelling process. It enables organisations to peer inside the black box of AI systems, and achieve explainability, maintainability, and auditability – automatically in-built into systems. This means organisations can mitigate risk, ensure fairness through easy detection and correction of unintended bias that can creep into AI systems, and ultimately develop trustworthy AI.

Technology leaders looking to develop and deploy AI responsibly and wish to learn more about RAI solutions within key market segments can download the report on Forrester’s website; available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.

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