BeyondEdge joins the UEC

BeyondEdge, a pioneer in software-defined network management and intent-based networking (IBN), announced today that it has joined the Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC) to provide critical insights into the growing architectural and orchestration needs of organizations seeking to build Ethernet-based generative AI fabrics.

The UEC aims to collaborate with like-minded industry leaders to deliver a comprehensive network architecture that meets and exceeds the requirements for modern AI and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. BeyondEdge is joining the UEC to contribute expertise gained through the development of their Verity network orchestration solution in addition to the real-world AI and HPC demands of their vast customer base.

“As a leader in the network orchestration space for edge, cloud, and data center networks, BeyondEdge is excited to share our experience and expertise with other members of the UEC,” said BeyondEdge CEO Amir Elbaz. “We will provide a unique end-user perspective, highlighting the feature and functionality demands that AI and HPC customers are requesting. We’re excited to help deliver an architectural roadmap for the simplified design, deployment, and ongoing operational management of data center and cloud fabrics that are purpose-built for AI and HPC.”

The market for generative AI data centers rose dramatically in 2023 and is expected to continue growing throughout 2024 and beyond, according to several industry analysts, including Gartner, Forrester Research, and 451 Research.

“The use of open-standards Ethernet for generative AI network transport will be critical in the coming months and years in order for AI projects to expand and flourish,” said Elbaz. “The collaborative effort conducted by the UEC will eliminate existing proprietary technologies and help drive down the cost of building AI fabrics. The architecture will also provide a seamless pathway for the management of high-speed and low-latency Ethernet fabrics using modern intent-based network (IBN) orchestration and intelligent automation solutions like BeyondEdge Verity.”

BeyondEdge is excited to share its valuable insights with the UEC into what modern methods and solutions customers now expect when designing and orchestrating Ethernet-based fabrics for AI and HPC workloads. Our commitment to delivering the best network orchestration, automation, and intelligent observability solution in the industry will help shape the landscape of next-generation networks.

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