BIA and Blueprint Trial Consulting Announce New Partnership

BIA and Blueprint Trial Consulting Announce New Partnership

BIA, a leading national eDiscovery and digital forensics provider, announced today a partnership with national litigation strategy firm Blueprint Trial Consulting that allows BIA to expand its already robust litigation support services to include jury research services, such as mock trials and in-person and online focus groups; trial graphics, which include animations and presentation design; and trial presentation “hot seat” assistance.

“We’re excited to partner with Blueprint Trial Consulting to offer our clients a wide range of services that complement the end-to-end eDiscovery and forensics solutions we already provide,” said Brian Schrader, president and CEO of BIA. “Shari Belitz, Blueprint’s chief marketing officer, and I connected at our recent law school reunion, and we knew right away this would be a great partnership. Blueprint uniquely combines legal services, psychology and creative content to offer one-of-a-kind litigation strategy assistance.”

As a result of the partnership, BIA clients will most notably receive jury research services, which apply social science methodologies – including qualitative and quantitative research, advanced statistics and decision science – to reveal the perceptions, attitudes and motivations that drive jurors’ decision making. The results can guide and inform strategies for, discovery, settlement negotiations and trial.

BIA’s new offerings include the ability to conduct jury research exercises, such as mock trial simulations and focus groups, each of which can allow a legal team to test the effectiveness of a trial strategy and evaluate its entire case. Additional services include graphics consulting and creation, witness preparation, jury selection assistance and trial presentation services.

“In the same way that BIA has always been focused on eDiscovery and digital forensics, Blueprint has always focused on the strategy behind litigation. We both know how to mine data, to find what’s relevant and to help our clients use that data to achieve desired results,” said Schrader. “Our clients will appreciate having all of our combined resources in a one-stop shop.”

As part of the partnership, BIA’s expansive list of eDiscovery and digital forensics services are also available to Blueprint Trial Consulting clients.

“We couldn’t be more ecstatic for this new relationship with BIA,” said Shari Belitz, chief marketing officer of Blueprint Trial Consulting. “BIA is known for its top-notch expertise, proven workflows, cutting-edge technology and managed review services. All of our clients, whether law firms or corporations, will be able to take advantage of these new and expanded services to ensure their legal matters are handled defensibly, correctly and securely from beginning to end.”

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About BIA 
As an industry pioneer, BIA continues to set the standard for reliable, innovative and cost-effective eDiscovery services. Its customer-first focus has resulted in countless innovations copied widely across the industry today. From technical innovations like truly remote data collections and the first cloud-based, end-to-end eDiscovery platform to service revolutions like reusing data and coding across matters and hiring dedicated, full-time employees for document review, BIA consistently stands at the leading edge of the industry. Founded by legal and technology professionals, BIA provides the entire spectrum of eDiscovery services – including attorney document review, Social Media Discovery™ and Data Breach Discovery™ – with minimal disruption to its clients’ daily business operations. To learn more, visit BIA at or on Twitter at @biaprotect.

About Blueprint Trial Consulting
Blueprint Trial Consulting LLC is a leading litigation consulting and risk management firm. Blueprint Trial Consulting was created to provide attorneys and clients with the information necessary to make critical litigation decisions. The firm offers jury research, litigation consulting and graphics consulting and production services to the legal community. To manage litigation risk, Blueprint utilizes its in-person jury research and analytics to assist litigants with determining whether they should settle or proceed to trial. Through our combination of research, analytics, experience and creativity, the firm offers the insight necessary for successful litigation strategies.



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