Booz Allen Opens New Flagship Center for Innovation

The Helix Reinforces Booz Allen as Technology Leader, Offers Opportunities to Experience Emerging Solutions

Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) announced today the opening of The Helix Center for Innovation, a collaborative, immersive space to demonstrate the transformative technologies that are helping solve the country’s most critical challenges across global defense, national security, and climate resilience. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held today at The Helix, located in Booz Allen’s Washington, DC (901 15th Street) facility, to recognize the firm’s latest investment in an ecosystem of innovation centers and labs dedicated to helping clients understand and leverage emerging technology.

“Innovation is central to everything we do at Booz Allen; it’s in our DNA,” said Susan Penfield, Booz Allen chief technology officer. “The world is being transformed by the rise of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cyber, 5G, quantum, edge computing, and so many more. The Helix is the physical manifestation of our company’s VoLT (velocity, leadership, technology) growth strategy—leveraging emerging technology to speed solutioning against our clients’ most challenging mission needs.”

A combination of in-person experiences and digital elements, the 9,422-square-foot space features more than 30 simulations, product and capability demonstrations, hands-on activations, and immersive environments, including:

  • AI Adoption Studio, where gamified interaction of the end-to-end AI lifecycle helps to educate on how AI can accelerate missions, regardless of real-world constraints. Hands-on demos feature client-ready solutions from and partnerships with the likes of Latent AI and Reveal.
  • Storytelling Rotunda, a 220-degree, floor-to-ceiling screen that immerses guests in powerful use cases—portraying the art of the possible while leveraging technologies like digital twins; augmented, virtual, and extended reality; and 5G to support missions in health, defense, space, and more.
  • Digital Library, a centralized, searchable collection of more than 100 curated impact stories, thought pieces, interactives, and videos that provides a deeper understanding of Booz Allen’s core technical capabilities, values, and people.

Initial, rotating demonstrations include:

  • A simulated Special Missions use case in the Digital Battlespace, featuring the robotic quadruped “Wilco” and an interactive search-and-locate exercise, shows how modern hardware and partner technologies come together to help troops make more informed decisions at the edge.
  • aiSSEMBLE™, Booz Allen’s one-of-a-kind AI factory, leverages key technical enablers like reusable components and configurable templates to accelerate AI projects and scale client solutions.
  • 5G gamification, powered by the firm’s recently opened 5G Lab, integrates 5G and XR capabilities to demystify 5G while applying it to current mission challenges—such as base security and telemedicine—and future-forward use cases, like building smart cities and addressing climate change challenges.

“The Helix is purposefully designed to explore the art of the possible while demystifying how emerging technologies can be applied to the U.S. government’s current and future challenges,” said Melissa Lazarofsky, director of The Helix. “Through The Helix, we’re hoping to pull back the curtain for our clients, and make technology more accessible, explainable, and reachable.”

The Helix is the latest tech-innovation milestone in Booz Allen’s journey. Other major milestones demonstrated in 2022 alone include establishing BrightLabs, where the firm’s cutting-edge technologies are incubated, prototyped, and stress-tested for enterprise integration, and launching Booz Allen Ventures, a corporate venture capital arm that furthers the firm’s commitment to invest in strategic dual-use, commercial technologies that will provide federal clients disruptive technology for critical missions. Recent such critical investments include Latent AI, Synthetaic, and Reveal Technology—all of which will be represented in The Helix.

To learn more about The Helix and Booz Allen’s emerging technologies and partner and investment ecosystem, visit

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