Boulder AI and Clarifai Announce Alliance to Enable AI-Driven Security Camera Solutions

Boulder AI and Clarifai Announce Alliance to Enable AI-Driven Security Camera Solutions

Boulder AI and Clarifai, two of the leading computer vision technology AI companies, today announced they have entered a strategic technical alliance to combine Boulder AI’s hardware and software competencies with Clarifai’s computer vision software expertise within the Boulder AI DNNCam™ camera platform. With this new alliance, robust IoT applications for industrial, commercial or retail monitoring will be able to use Clarifai visual AI models embedded in the BoulderAI computer vision platform.

Boulder AI produces the DNNCam, an extremely durable and ruggedized, low-power, machine-learning neural networked camera platform powered by a Nvidia Tegra GPU with over 1.5 Teraflops of computational processing power. Leveraging the Nvidia Tegra GPU for on-board processing, the DNNCam can process footage in real-time and transmit highly relevant, contextually labeled output from the Clarifai installed AI models.  When combined with Clarifai’s visual AI models, the DNNCam will be able to help customers count people and objects, highlight people of interest, track people as they move in and out of the frame, identify objects, and alert notifications of defined actions in real-time. This allows the camera to live and process data at the network edge, dramatically increasing accuracy while reducing the need for high-speed network access and cloud storage requirement. The ability to accurately process and label data at the edge can save customers significant data transmission and storage costs, especially when scaling to large installations.

“The promise of tomorrow’s visual AI benefits depends on the ability to seamlessly move the processing of computer vision models from the server room to network edge devices,” says Matt Zeiler, CEO and founder of Clarifai.  “Even with the advent of 5G and faster communications networks, the volumes of data to be processed in order to gain actionable knowledge simply cannot co-exist with today’s communications networks from both a technology and fiscal perspective when at scale.  Teaming with Boulder AI and combining on-board camera processing and Clarifai visual AI models is the first step in enabling real-time computing at the edge and creating robust IoT applications with built-in AI.”

“Together, we are building the world’s most powerful visual computing platform,” says Darren Odom, CEO of Boulder AI. “By making a camera with so much general GPU compute power, we are able to provide greater resolution, increased privacy, lower latency, scalability and determinism to the customer. Clarifai visual AI models at the network edge gives the platform the almost magic ability to capture and deliver relevance within detected objects. This step radically improves the value and reduces cost that slow legacy network infrastructure has imposed in the past. We are extremely excited about what is now possible and where the partnership can expand the use cases in the future.”

Boulder AI and Clarifai will exhibit the DNNCamm running Clarifai’s models at the Nvidia GTC conference in San Jose, CA.  Demonstrations can be seen in the Jetson Partner Pavilion, Hall #3, Booth: #1747 today, March 19th through Wednesday, March 20th from 12pm-7pm PDT and on Thursday, March 21st from 11am-2pm PDT.

About Clarifai
Clarifai is a leading artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition to solve real-world problems. Founded in 2013 by Matt Zeiler, PhD Machine Learning, Clarifai has been a market leader in AI since winning the top five places in image classification at the 2013 ImageNet Challenge. Clarifai is turning its powerful visual recognition technology used by West Elm, Trivago and Opentable that classifies and predicts more than three billion concepts in photos and videos every month, towards bridging the digital and physical worlds of AI and IoT…known as AIoT…by enabling system-level Edge Devices via its Mobile and IoT SDKs, and On-Premise solutions. Clarifai is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco and Washington D.C. For more information, please visit

About Boulder AI 
Boulder AI is a world leader in artificial intelligence vision systems, with cutting edge AI camera hardware designed to solve real-world problems. With a background in product development, vision systems integration, and computer vision, CEO Darren Odom has decades of experience in consulting and engineering. Boulder AI makes super intelligent cameras that use AI to distill visual data down to what people care about, with or without the cloud. Security and safety using Computer Vision is part and parcel of our focus and ultimately, our goal is to use these improved BoulderAI devices as the basis of an AIoT edge data marketplace. For more information, please visit


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