Celebrus Announces Significant Enhancements in the Realm of AI and ML

New Version Brings Bot Detection, New ML Models, Profile Builder for Generative AI

Celebrus announced a wealth of new features today which further enables brands to improve relationships with their consumers via better data while leveraging Celebrus as a true first-party, real-time platform.

Celebrus leverages first-party data capture and contextualization to inform comprehensive identity graphs, enabling hyper-personalized experiences based on individual consumer engagement and interest.

  •  Machine Learning Advances – Celebrus has tremendous flexibility to activate machine learning (ML) models using its built-in connectors to hyper scalar scoring services (Azure, AWS, and GCP) and self-hosted scoring servers (PMML). This release sees the machine learning capabilities in Celebrus grow substantially with built-in model scoring for a new range of tasks. This technology uses embedded state-of-the-art (SOTA) machine learning algorithms for real-time continuous model scoring.
  • High Performance Bot Detection – existing vendor bot detection solutions are obsolete in the face of the new generation of bots and bot networks. The solution to this challenge is to understand real customer behaviors using Celebrus’ world leading data platform. Celebrus Bot Detection is a new subscription offering which accurately identifies bots in real-time thereby solving a wide range of marketing and fraud use cases such as pay-per-click (PPC) fraud and credential stuffing attacks.
  •  Generative AI – this new feature enables Celebrus to manage delivery of an anonymized data set of visitor profiles in a format perfect for generative AI, thereby unlocking a whole new horizon of extraordinary use cases including self-service chatbots, hyper personalization and perfectly tailored email marketing campaigns. This exciting new capability builds on the innovative and patent protected Celebrus Identity Graph and Profile Builder technologies.

“Celebrus continues to go from strength to strength and the enhancements in this latest product release are no exception. Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the data that feeds it, which means Celebrus has never been more critical to the future of our customers and the relationships they build with their consumers,” said Ant Phillips, CTO.

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