Check Point Software Tops the Zero Trust Platform Benchmark

The Check Point Infinity Platform is recognized as the leading solution for Zero Trust security, offering Exceptional user experience and security efficacy

CPX  Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security platform provider, today proudly announced its Check Point Infinity Platform has been ranked as the #1 Zero Trust Platform in the latest Miercom Zero Trust Platform Assessment. Demonstrating superior security effectiveness and exceptional ease-of-use, Check Point significantly outpaced competitors, setting a new standard for enterprises seeking to establish a secure Zero Trust architecture, which is crucial for protecting business data against both internal and external cyber threats.

“Check Point’s commitment to providing a superior Zero Trust Platform and its leadership in the Zero Trust security landscape was clear throughout our analysis,” said Rob Smithers, CEO at Miercom. “We are proud to present Check Point Software Technologies with the Miercom Certified Secure award.”

The pressing necessity for Zero Trust architecture stems from the evolving cyber threats that breach traditional security perimeters. Zero Trust’s principle of “never trust, always verify” addresses the shortcomings of outdated security models by ensuring that access to corporate resources is strictly regulated. In this era, where cyber threats are both sophisticated and pervasive, Zero Trust acts as a critical defense mechanism, enhancing an organization’s resilience against cyber-attacks.

Miercom’s rigorous evaluation, focusing on ten fundamental Zero Trust enterprise practices, was designed to mirror the diverse and complex challenges organizations face daily. These use cases were selected for their relevance in demonstrating a solution’s ability to effectively implement Zero Trust principles across various scenarios, including user authentication, access management, and threat prevention. This comprehensive approach ensures that the evaluation closely aligns with real-world security requirements, providing a meaningful benchmark for Zero Trust capabilities.

“Check Point Infinity Platform’s standout performance in Miercom’s Zero Trust Platform Assessment is a testament to our comprehensive and efficient approach to Zero Trust security. The platform’s achievements go beyond just showcasing superior technology; they reflect our deep alignment with the essential goals of Zero Trust—reducing access risks, improving control and visibility, and enhancing the user experience. This underscores our unwavering commitment to advancing security solutions that address the broad spectrum of challenges faced by today’s enterprises,” said Eyal Manor, Vice President of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies.

The Check Point Infinity Platform distinguished itself in Miercom’s benchmark through:

  • Superior Platform Capabilities: Check Point completed each test case in less than half the time required by competitors. This translates into thousands of enterprise staff-hours saved annually.
  • Exceptional User Experience: Check Point streamlined operations with fewer configuration steps, reducing the risk of misconfigurations. Ease-of-use is a critical win for operations teams.
  • Industry-Leading Zero Trust Security Effectiveness: Check Point achieved a 3.8 out of 4 score, surpassing all others in security efficacy.

This recognition follows Check Point’s success in Miercom’s 2024 Next Generation Firewall Benchmark Report, which found that Check Point delivered an industry-leading 99.8% block rate on new malware and 100% phishing prevention.

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