Ibex, PathPresenter to advance AI-powered Digital Pathology adoption

PathPresenter and Ibex Partner to Advance Digital Pathology and AI Solutions

Ibex Medical Analytics (Ibex), the leader in AI-powered cancer diagnostics, and PathPresenter, the global image sharing platform for pathology, today announced a partnership to advance the adoption of AI-powered digital pathology. The two companies will work together to support joint customers via an AI-powered digital pathology solution for laboratories, hospitals and health systems worldwide.

“The digital pathology and AI transformation that Ibex and PathPresenter are championing is modernizing the industry and providing pathologists with AI tools to improve diagnostic accuracy, lab efficiencies and patient outcomes,” said Joseph Mossel, CEO and Co-Founder of Ibex Medical Analytics. “This partnership allows us to expand access to Galen™, Ibex’s AI platform, to PathPresenter’s impressive community of medical institutions around the world.”

PathPresenter is a secure and scalable multi-tenant enterprise workflow platform that has been developed by pathologists with deep domain knowledge and experience. Trusted by over 45 tier-one institutions, PathPresenter is the most comprehensive suite available for clinical care, remote consultations, education, and research. The solution provides expert guidance in storage optimization, tight integration with LIS systems through a proprietary HL7 engine, and robust incorporation of 3rd party and in-house-built AI algorithms.

“We are committed to working with the best partners to advance digital pathology adoption and education, and Ibex is      a clear leader in AI-powered diagnostics,” said Dr. Rajendra Singh, founder of PathPresenter. “PathPresenter is building the much-needed ‘roads and bridges’ to connect the world’s pathologists, institutions, and pharma companies to easily share image data, AI algorithms, and domain expertise. Our deep knowledge of the digital pathology workflows is complemented well by Ibex’s clinically validated AI tools, enabling pathologists to benefit from a holistic diagnostic experience.”

Ibex’s Galen platform is the most widely deployed AI technology in pathology and has been deployed in laboratories and pathology departments around the world. Galen supports clinicians worldwide with augmented capabilities during diagnosis of breastprostate, and gastric biopsies. Improving diagnostic accuracy, reducing turnaround time, optimizing lab workflows and improving user experience for pathologists, Galen has demonstrated excellent outcomes across multiple clinical studies performed in different pathology labs and diagnostic workflows.1,2,3,4,5

Ibex and PathPresenter will be at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) Annual Meeting in Baltimorebetween March 23 and 28, 2024 (Ibex booth no. 755, PathPresenter booth no. 953).

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