Cloudera Unlocks Opportunity at the Edge Accelerating Enterprise Data Cloud Vision

Cloudera Unlocks Opportunity at the Edge Accelerating Enterprise Data Cloud Vision

STRATA DATA CONFERENCE — Cloudera, Inc., (NYSE: CLDR), the enterprise data cloud company, today announced two upcoming edge data management software solutions designed to empower Internet of Things (IoT) developers and architects with more powerful controls to gather, transport and manage data-driven insights to and from the edge. The new solutions will include Cloudera Edge Management, an edge management solution for IoT and streaming data, and Cloudera Flow Management, a no-code, high-scale data ingestion, and management solution.

The edge is one of the richest and fastest-growing sources of data but most IoT data is unstructured. Enterprises need better tools to ingest, analyze and act on data at the edge. These new solutions from Cloudera help the enterprise manage any data, anywhere, and derive actionable insights to unlock new business opportunities and take action at the source to improve outcomes.

“At Cloudera, we are focused on delivering an enterprise data cloud for customers who must solve complex data management and analytic use cases that span from the edge to AI,” said Vikram Makhija, GM of Data in Motion business unit at Cloudera. “These new solutions are designed to help enterprises take advantage of the opportunity the edge offers by harnessing large volumes of complex IoT data from thousands of sources to create clear and actionable insights that ultimately drive innovation.”

Cloudera Edge Management and Cloudera Flow Management will be part of Cloudera DataFlow, an open source data-in-motion platform for streaming analytics that ingests, curates, and analyzes data for key insights and immediate actionable intelligence. Cloudera DataFlow is designed to process large volumes of real-time streaming data, track provenance and lineage and manage edge applications and streaming sources.

“Data from 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things* shows that analytics is critical to the success of IoT projects and that processing of IoT data is increasingly being carried out at the edge,” said Matt Aslett, Research VP, Data, AI and Analytics, 451 Research. “With DataFlow, Cloudera already had a differentiated offering for processing and analyzing data in motion. Cloudera Edge Management adds the ability to develop, deploy and monitor data processing applications at the edge, which is likely to be a fundamental enabler of successful IoT projects going forward.”

Cloudera Edge Management 
Cloudera Edge Management helps IoT developers and architects improve the way they process IoT data. It manages, controls and monitors agents to collect data from edge devices and then pushes intelligence back to the edge. The solution consists of two key components: a light-weight edge agent for data collection and processing at the edge; and a new agent management hub called Edge Flow Manager with a code-free drag and drop development environment. Cloudera Edge Management’s flow deployment capabilities not only make it easy to deploy and manage data collection applications to thousands of agents but also to push Machine Learning models to the edge agents. This makes the edge extremely intelligent to make decisions on its own without having to make costly data round trips to the enterprise.

Cloudera Flow Management
Cloudera Flow Management is a no-code data ingestion and management solution. With an intuitive user interface, more than 300 processors and Apache NiFi registry, Cloudera Flow Management delivers highly-scalable data movement, transformation, and management capabilities to the enterprise. Cloudera Flow Management reduces data integration time by allowing petabytes of data to be moved quickly between data centers or from on-premises to the cloud. Sensitive data is moved securely from the edge to the enterprise in a manner that is compliant with data policies. With this release, Cloudera customers can be excited about NiFi’s integration with Cloudera Manager, Apache Impala and Apache Kudu.

Cloudera Edge Management and Cloudera Flow Management will be generally available in April 2019. Visit booth #1303 at Strata Data San Francisco March 25 – 28 to watch a demo or register for the “Data-in-Motion” webinar on April 16 at 10:00 am PT to learn more.

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