Cloudneeti Launches FFIEC CAT Cybersecurity Compliance for Microsoft Azure and Office 365


Automate your FFIEC CAT Cybersecurity compliance for Microsoft Cloud workloads using Cloudneeti

Today, Cloudneeti announced compliance for FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) compliance for Microsoft Azure workloads. Financial institutions often struggle to interpret FFIEC Cybersecurity guidelines as it pertains to public cloud workloads. They lack the resources to deploy and manage a diverse set of security controls that would enable them to identify risk, respond to threats and demonstrate compliance. FFIEC CAT (Cybersecurity Assessment Tool) was published in 2017, has its foundations built on top of NIST CSF. With this move, customers can more easily manage FFIEC compliant solutions.

Cloudneeti’s auto-discovery and continuous security and validation engine allow financial institutions to protect assets, infrastructure, and information by strengthening the institution’s defensive posture through continuous and automated monitoring through collaborative efforts across various teams w/I the organization. – Pravin Kulkarni, Director Engineering and Operations, Cloudneeti.

As businesses transform to a more responsive and adaptable IT, organizations need better tools to identify and remediate risks early in development cycles and reduce those risks created by collaborating with various internal teams.

Alan Ross, Financial Services Lead, Microsoft Azure Engineering said, “Cloudneeti was one of our original partners as Microsoft Azure engineering was developing compliant templates for Financial Services customers. Their deep collaboration with customers gives me confidence that they considered the right requirements in developing an FFIEC solution.

FFIEC CAT risk profile identifies the institution’s inherent risk before implementing controls. The Cybersecurity Maturity Profile includes domains, assessment factors, components, and individual declarative statements across five maturity levels to identify specific controls and practices that are in place. With the recent release, we have now updated the dashboard as well the policy mappings to reflect a more accurate reflection of the FFIEC Cybersecurity Maturity Domains.

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Disclaimer: Benchmarks help you safeguard systems, software, and networks against today’s evolving cyber threats. FFIEC CAT guidelines are developed by the Financial Services Regulatory body, Cloudneeti’s specific Benchmark and related policies are an interpretation and potential applicability of requirements to public cloud (Microsoft Azure).  FFIEC has not published a benchmark specifically for Microsoft Azure. The rules & policies listed here are based on a NIST CSF baseline, our interpretations, interaction with our customers, the FFIEC regulatory council and various security analysts.


Cloudneeti, a business unit of Avyan Corp, a global leader in Cloud Workload Assurance, a privately held company headquartered in Redmond, WA, USA with offices and development centers in US, India and Eastern Europe, enables organizations to accelerate cloud adoption by proactively managing their security and compliance posture natively. Leveraging native cloud APIs, Cloudneeti solves the challenges of managing security and compliance by providing instant visibility of cloud security posture, active validation of cloud configuration & compliance, and ongoing governance of cloud assets.

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