Columbus Collaboratory Doubles Down on Intelligent Operations with Rebrand as Covail™

Covail™ Continues National Expansion of AI and Cybersecurity Solutions

Digital optimization and cybersecurity leader Columbus Collaboratory today announced its rebranding and renaming to Covail. This move reflects the next stage of the company’s evolution to expand nationwide beyond its central Ohio origins and unify its automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity offerings under a focused portfolio designed to enable Intelligent Operations (IO) for clients. Covail delivers superior value to those with a critical market need to automate and optimize their business through trustworthy intelligence using results-driven, collaborative methodologies.

“Over the past five years operating as Columbus Collaboratory, we have saved our Fortune 500 to Fortune 20 clients millions of dollars, and delivered hundreds of successful AI, cybersecurity, and cloud-based software solutions. This rebranding to Covail signals a new, exciting chapter of opportunity for us as a proven entity that delivers comprehensive, scalable commercial services and solutions for tomorrow’s digital companies,” said Covail CEO Matt Wald.

According to Gartner, “by 2021, 80% of organizations will seek both transformation and optimization services, up from 65% today.” *

Covail’s new branding reaffirms its commitment to business optimization and advances a point of view on Intelligent Operations resulting from five years of development and delivery of proven solutions for leading companies in industries that include Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Defense, Energy, and Retail. As Covail, the digital solutions leader will continue to drive the state of the art in smarter, trustworthy business operations for companies through intelligent automation, AI, cybersecurity, and risk management.

Covail, as Columbus Collaboratory, was born out of the aspiration of seven of the largest companies in central Ohio—American Electric Power (AEP), Battelle, Cardinal Health, Huntington Bank, L Brands, Nationwide, and OhioHealth. Their goal was, and continues to be, solving common automation, AI, and cybersecurity challenges across multiple industries. The diversity and maturity of these founding companies made Covail the innovative, value-driven, solutions partner that it is today.

“Covail’s latest evolution is incredibly well-timed because, more than ever, leading companies will need trustworthy AI and software environments that rely on secure and private data,” said Jim Fowler, Chief Technology Officer for Nationwide. “As we rethink how technology can be leveraged to great advantage in our business, we look forward to working with Covail as part of the ecosystem of partners Nationwide can rely on to help advance our growing digital business.”

“Our collaborative partnership with Covail is enabling us to rapidly improve our cyber risk and defense capabilities, equipping us to operate more confidently in the new digital world,” said Cardinal Health Chief Information Officer Brian Rice.

“Covail’s AI capabilities are transforming how we optimize and plan our current and future workforce,” said OhioHealth Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer Michael Krouse. “We’re excited to continue this work and expand it elsewhere throughout our operations.”

In addition to the name change, Covail plans to continue to expand the depth and reach of its technology solutions and is excited to help lead clients through the next digital revolution.

Check out Covail’s new website and join the conversation on social media by following @Covail on Twitter.

“Columbus Collaboratory and the innovative collaboration with our founding companies and community leaders will always be part of our roots, but the evolution into a national brand required us to think differently about our name,” said Covail CEO Matt Wald. “Covail combines two words, ‘COllaborative’ and ‘preVAIL,’ which represents our collaborative spirit and our desire to help customers prevail over adversaries and digital business challenges.”

*Gartner “Market Guide for Digital Business Consulting and Implementation Services,” Katie Gove, et al, 14 November 2019

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