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ControlCase Validates SmartBase Solutions against HITRUST CSF™

The HITRUST CSF™ Certified Status indicates an organization has met key healthcare regulations and requirements for protecting and securing sensitive healthcare data.

ControlCase, a leading provider of IT Security Certifications and Continuous Compliance Services, announced it has validated SmartBase Solutions, a market leading data and technology firm to the HITRUST CSF™. ControlCase’s assessment for HITRUST CSF™ Certification included the SmartBase Data IQ Platform, Communication Automation, and Data Analytics services. The certification demonstrates that all supporting systems meet key regulations and requirements for protecting and securing sensitive personal healthcare information (PHI).

The ControlCase HITRUST certification methodology begins with a readiness assessment which provides current status of the client’s environment against the HITRUST CSF. The service also includes unlimited remediation support until the client is ready to begin the audit. Upon completion of the audit, ControlCase then submits the validation to HITRUST for their certification. The ControlCase HITRUST methodology is well recognized among healthcare organizations as it also includes guidance on compliance best practices as well as pioneering technology to simplify processes and provide more accuracy and peace of mind to the client.

For over 14 years, SmartBase has been managing data and delivering actionable insights to clients of all levels of data sophistication. SmartBase works with larger marketing organizations in a variety of industry segments with some emphasis in the healthcare industry. This includes service and insurance providers and medical device companies. SmartBase also provides customer and brand loyalty marketing solutions to franchisees and manufacturers. Nearly all of their solutions are provided in a software as a service model and hosted in their private cloud infrastructure. SmartBase Solutions met or exceeded established maturity levels in the 19 domains measured in order to achieve HITRUST CSF™ Certification. Upon completion of the assessment, ControlCase submitted the results to HITRUST™, who in turn issued a Certified Assessment Report. This achievement further validates SmartBase Solutions’ data security practices with the HITRUST CSF™.

“As technology continues to evolve, so does SmartBase. Our SmartBase IQ Data Platform, Secure Hosting services, Patient Advocacy application, Communication Automation services, and Data Analytics round out our full capability to streamline operations and improve management. We are committed to innovation as well as safeguarding PHI,” said Donna Duffy, Project Manager at SmartBase Solutions. “The HITRUST CSF™ Certification helps SmartBase Solutions stay at the forefront of data security and assures our clients that protecting sensitive information is one of our highest priorities.”

“ControlCase is committed to going beyond the auditor’s checklist and working in partnership with clients to achieve security and demonstrate compliance more efficiently and cost effectively,” said Bill Brody, Partner – HealthCare at ControlCase.

“We provide a service that is centered around improving efficiencies and freeing up internal resources to focus on priorities. Year 2 of the HITRUST assessment will include an interim assessment of SmartBase Solutions’ existing environment and filing with HITRUST for continued certification. We look forward to our continued partnership with the SmartBase Solutions team.”

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About ControlCase
ControlCase is a global provider of certification and continuous compliance services. ControlCase is committed to partnering with clients to develop strategic information security and compliance programs that are simplified, cost effective and comprehensive in both on-premise and cloud environments. ControlCase provides the best experts, customer experience and technology for regulations including PCI DSS, HITRUST, ISO 27001, PCI PIN, PCI P2PE, PCI TSP, PA DSS, CSA STAR, HIPAA, GDPR and FedRAMP.

About SmartBase Solutions
Headquartered in Plymouth, MN, SmartBase Solutions is a market leading data and technology firm helping organizations leverage their vast amounts of data to develop smart business solutions. Its flagship SmartBase IQ™ Data Platform delivers advanced data processing technology to enable clients to quickly connect and integrate their disparate data. SmartBase provides Secure Infrastructure and Data Hosting services to allow clients to focus on their business with the comfort of knowing that their data is managed and protected in a secure private cloud environment. SmartBase’s Driive Loyalty Marketing Solution builds customer loyalty for brands, franchisees, and manufacturers through intelligent trigger-based marketing. SmartBase’s Patient Advocate solution enables prospective patients to connect with a patient who has undergone the treatment they’re considering to allow them to make the best decisions for their health. Rounding out its comprehensive suite of services, SmartBase also provides Communication Automation services to strengthen customer relationships and create a roadmap for better business decisions. SmartBase Solutions serves clients in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Health and Beauty, Medical Device, and Retail industries.

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