Conveyer announced AI-Powered Policy Dashboard

High-trust, high-accuracy solution lets stakeholders navigate complex regulations with speed and confidence.

Conveyer, a revolutionary AI platform transforming the way businesses operationalize data, today announced the launch of the Conveyer Policy Dashboard, a new SaaS offering that makes complex government regulations clear and accessible for stakeholders at all levels. Using proprietary AI and NLP technologies, the Policy Dashboard consolidates regulatory language from over 400 federal agencies and sub-agencies into a single user-friendly hub, making relevant regulations easy to surface, understand, and act upon for both specialist and non-specialist users.

“The federal government produces hundreds of pages of new rules and regulations each and every day, and it’s getting harder and harder for companies to keep up,” said Carolyn Parent, Conveyer CEO. “Today, we’re leveling the playing field by empowering both decision makers and frontline teams to self-serve accurate and actionable policy insights. The Conveyer Policy Dashboard gives users across the organization the ability to quickly identify and understand the regulations that impact their work, streamlining compliance and reducing the burden on legal teams.”

The Conveyer Policy Dashboard offers:

  • A single source of truth, with one-stop access to all salient regulations for a given topic, drawn from a wide range of government agencies and policy sources.
  • Accurate summaries, with complex topics and fragmented or contradictory regulatory requirements distilled into simple, actionable language for non-specialist users.
  • Auto-generated FAQs, with Q&A pairs automatically derived from regulatory topics to support teams, enrich the user experience, and enable rapid compliance.
  • Live updates, with both provisional and enforceable regulatory language automatically incorporated across all topics, industries, and downstream content assets.

For businesses navigating an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, such capabilities are transformative. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, the average U.S. business pays almost $10,000 per employee to manage regulatory compliance. For small and highly regulated businesses, costs run even higher, with the average small manufacturer paying almost $35,000 per employee.

The Conveyer Policy Dashboard lets organizations slash the cost of compliance, unlock new efficiencies, and mitigate business risks. Using Conveyer’s sophisticated AI and NLP, organizations can rapidly draw all relevant regulations into a dedicated one-stop shop, with pre-processed data available for use across all downstream applications. Users can search for information using plain English, instantly receive accurate summaries from a comprehensive range of policy sources, and easily link back to source regulations or legislation when seeking sign-off or other support from legal teams.

A company navigating the 200+ federal cybersecurity policies now in force in the United States, for instance, can empower everyone — from C-level executives to marketers and product teams — to quickly analyze the specific rules that impact their work. Contractors can also more rapidly comply with new federal procurement requirements — such as the recent ban on the use of TikTok, which vendors were given only 90 days to implement — to win more federal bids and unlock new growth opportunities.

The Policy Dashboard also empowers product teams to avoid wrong turns, proactively seek support from legal experts, and cut the time needed to comply with new regulations from weeks to hours. Product documentation can be directly connected to the Policy Dashboard to automatically flag regulatory changes that impact a given product or feature, reducing the risk of inadvertent violations leading to costly enforcement actions or reputational damage.

“Regulations are complicated, but ensuring compliance doesn’t have to be,” Parent said. “With the Conveyer Policy Dashboard, companies can democratize access to critical policy information and compliance requirements by giving business leaders, product marketers, manufacturing leads, and other stakeholders streamlined and straightforward access to the vital knowledge resources they need to understand how regulations impact their work.”

Conveyer’s AI data transformation solutions are already trusted by demanding enterprises including Whirlpool, Sears, and Black & Decker to streamline access to complex information for both technical teams and nonspecialist stakeholders. Explore the Conveyer Policy Dashboard at

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