Cyber Observer Secures $8 Million in Series B Funding

Cyber Observer Secures $8 Million in Series B Funding

Today, Cyber Observer launches its expansion into the North American cybersecurity market with the industry’s first comprehensive internal cyber hygiene platform, which provides guidance and scoring to enterprises across the market’s diverse cybersecurity tool ecosystem. The company’s solution provides continuous monitoring and actionable insights that allow an organization to ensure cyber hygiene, compliance to frameworks, and fully optimized tool configuration across an organization’s security ecosystem with a single solution.

Co-founded by Shimon Becker, Vice President of Product, and Moti Ram, Vice President of Research & Development, Cyber Observer is the result of years of experience in large scale, complicated software development at the Israeli Prime Minister Office’s Center for Computing and Information Systems. Today, the technology is already used by dozens of global large-scale enterprises in coping with complex management and technical challenges.

Leading the company’s Series B round, Merlin International will be extending Cyber Observer’s solution reach in the U.S. market with the organization’s robust sales and engineering teams. As a leading investor in cybersecurity solutions, Merlin invests in emerging technologies to create enterprise ready products.

“Merlin is the ideal strategic investor that we had hoped for, with a strong presence in the U.S. market, and the management and cybersecurity expertise that will help our company grow.  Together, we will extend our tools-agnostic cyber hygiene management platform that allows CISOs, InfoSec Managers and their teams the ability to gauge current security posture across all tools and security domains in the U.S. market and beyond,” said Itzik Weinstein, CEO of Cyber Observer. “Today’s enterprises are faced with a diverse IT ecosystem, leaving many to be ineffectively leveraging existing tools. With Cyber Observer, we are giving back visibility and control to increase an organization’s overall cybersecurity posture using the existing solutions they have in their infrastructure.”

Cyber Observer empowers organizations by providing immediate and actionable steps to ensure tools are correctly configured and deployed while providing continuous monitoring to eliminate unapproved tool modifications. The platform allows an organization to tackle the complexity of a fragmented tool ecosystem while providing timely metrics on overall security posture. While robust enough to provide meaningful metrics immediately upon implementation, it is flexible in design to allow any organization the ability to customize the platform to meet their unique security needs.

“Maintaining continuous awareness and real-time visibility in today’s chaotic cybersecurity  environment is difficult, if not seemingly impossible. Cyber Observer offers security teams, board members and C-level executives the rare opportunity to gain a unified view of their entire cybersecurity ecosystem,” said Seth Spergel, Vice President, Emerging Technology, Merlin. “Our investment in the company underscores our excitement about the solution Cyber Observer has built. Their leadership in this space, combined with the infusion of funding to expand the product even further, leaves us uniquely positioned to change how organizations think about and improve their cybersecurity posture going forward.”

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About Cyber Observer
Cyber Observer is a powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use management solution that enables Chief Security Officers, Chief Compliance Officers and IT executives to effectively secure their organizations against cyber-threats. Developed by cybersecurity experts, Cyber Observer uses a patented core engine and Critical Security Controls (CSCs) measurements to present a clear picture of enterprise-wide cybersecurity ecosystem status and preparedness at any given moment, alerting to breaches and threats as they arise and actions to be taken to secure critical infrastructures across the security environment.

About Merlin International
Merlin International invests in the world’s most innovative emerging technology companies to create enterprise ready products. Combining deep industry expertise and experience, Merlin leverages our enterprise sales and engineering teams to deliver the cybersecurity solutions that organizations need to protect their most critical business assets while furthering their mission. Merlin offices are located in Englewood, CO and Tysons Corner, VA. For more information visit:, follow us on LinkedIn or read our blog.

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