CyberInt Launches Managed Cloud Security Services

CyberInt Launches Managed Cloud Security Services

Ensures comprehensive protection of cloud environments

CyberInt, the leading cybersecurity provider of managed detection and response services to digital businesses, is launching a new cloud security offering.

With CyberInt Managed Cloud Security Services, organizations gain complete visibility and control of their cloud environments; compliance with global security and privacy legislation; and access to the highest levels of cyber security experts.

Current cloud security tools and guidelines are not sufficient, leaving companies’ cloud environments, applications, and data vulnerable to threats. With CyberInt, organizations get complete visibility, ongoing audit and compliance, and stronger security around cloud-hosted data.

The robust security offering delivers a comprehensive public cloud strategy and established security management services, directly addressing the challenge of managing complex, multi-cloud environments.

The CyberInt comprehensive cloud security services deliver three distinct advantages:

  • Holistic understanding and auditing of security needs across cloud environments, including account management, infrastructure services, and data and business logic layers
  • Cyber expertise to identify flaws, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations across the layers and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Intelligence-powered services to enhance visibility, ensuring greater effectiveness in threat detection and response

CyberInt’s hands-on security approach – powered by the company’s Argos™ Threat Intelligence solution – detects flaws and counters multi-vector threats. By delivering ongoing cloud security guidance and assessing existing state maturity, CyberInt’s Managed Cloud Security provides end-to-end protection across complex multi-cloud environments, where holistic security is critical.

“Our partners at CyberInt actively contribute to our ongoing effort to develop leading cloud security standards, best practices, and resources and demonstrate a high level of expertise in cloud security,” said J.R. Santos, Executive VP of Research, Cloud Security Alliance.

“Cloud service providers meet only narrowly defined SLAs when it comes to cloud security,” said Amir Ofek, CEO, CyberInt. “CyberInt ensures that cloud security is completely covered, closing the gap between security of and security in the cloud.”

CyberInt’s collaboration with the Cloud Security Alliance allows CyberInt to deliver solutions that meet the latest compliance, audit, and security posture requirements for enterprises’ cloud environments.

For further information, please contact:
Amy Kenigsberg
K2 Global Communications
tel: +972-9-794-1681 (+2 GMT)
mobile: +972-524-761-341
U.S.: +1-913-440-4072 (+7 ET)

About CyberInt: 
Recently recognized as one of the 20 most promising enterprise security solution providers for 2018 by CIOReview, CyberInt eliminates potential threats before they become crises by looking at all online activities and digital assets from an attacker’s perspective and provides managed detection and response services to customers worldwide. Leveraging Argos™ real-time digital risk protection platform with a global cyber expert analyst team, as well as managed SOC, threat hunting, deep dive investigations, real-time incident response and risk assessment services,  CyberInt provides holistic end-to-end protection to digital businesses in retail, ecommerce, gaming and financial industries.



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