Cybersec Europe focuses on strategic approach to cybercrime

At Cybersec Europe, the largest Benelux fair for cybersecurity, over 130 companies showcase smart solutions. 84 daily sessions will inspire companies to build an effective strategy against cybercrime. There are expert talks from leading speakers such as Mikko Hypponen, Emmanuel Kessler, Tobias Schrödel and Eddy Willems. The fair takes place on 11 and 12 May in Brussels Expo and is free to attend after registration at

“It is our ambition to become the go-to hub in terms of cybersecurity”, says Bram van den Baak. “Cybercrime is ubiquitous and widespread. Imagine that a utility company is attacked. Then the impact would be felt on a huge scale. That’s why we need to work on a vision at the macro level and put cybersecurity on the agenda of boardrooms and politicians.”

Tobias Schrödel is one of Europe’s best-known cybersecurity experts. “I show visitors how to find their way on the dark web, how easy it is to find sensitive data and how hackers operate. I explain how smart digital devices pose a potential threat when hacked and how to protect themselves against cybercriminals”.

In Belgium, Eddy Willems is also a big name when it comes to cybersecurity. “What strikes me most is that cybercrime has been around for a very long time and we still haven’t learned. Business leaders, government and education urgently need to work on a general, broad-based cybersecurity strategy.”

Koen Druyts talks about how to insure against cybercrime. “The number is doubling about every year”, he says. “Above all, insurance must also be the final piece of good prevention. People need to be data conscious and alert to cyber threats. You have to make sure that your systems are not left wide open. It things do go wrong, then you will benefit from insurance.”

Free registration

You can register here, giving you access to the online platform where you can network and create your own program. There is also a livestream available for some of the sessions.

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