CybrQ Unveils Pre-Click Browser Security Extension

CybrQ Unveils Pre-Click Browser Security Extension

CybrQ, the cybersecurity company that pioneered the Pre-Click Approach to digital security, today announced that it is releasing a new human-focused safe browsing extension.

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The CybrQ for Browsing extension combines principles of human-centered design with the company’s proprietary Pre-Click Security approach to combat rising numbers of cyberattacks and social engineering. The tool will be available for free on the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge stores, and will help users stay secure via a variety of methods, including:

  • Protection against a rising number of social engineering attacks worldwide
  • Human-focused design and information to foster safer browsing habits over time
  • Actionable insights into optimizing the browser’s native defenses and improving security posture
  • Holistic malware detection and defense sourced from industry-leading threat databases
  • Speed and ease of use – extension is up and running in two minutes or less

It is well-known within the cybersecurity industry that different browsers have different security standards, and a website that may be considered malicious by one is often undetected by another. Most users lack the time to check the threat potential of each and every website, trusting instead to either their gut instinct or to their browser’s native – and incomplete –  defenses. The CybrQ for Browsing extension goes beyond industry-standard sources to inform users of potential threats before a click ever occurs, alerting the user to their presence and allowing them to make a fully-informed decision about their actions.

“At CybrQ, we don’t believe the user is the weakest link,” says Julian Selz, CybrQ’s co-founder. “Instead, we believe in empowering the user in a non-intrusive way, by giving them the tools, knowledge and information they need to consistently make well-informed, secure decisions online.”

The browser extension is the first component of CybrQ’s proprietary Pre-Click Approach to cybersecurity, which focuses on protecting consumers and companies from cyberthreats before a click occurs. The CybrQ for Browsing extension creates a completely new layer of security: one which complements existing solutions and helps prevent rising numbers of human-centered cyberattacks, such as phishing and other social engineering attempts.

About CybrQ: CybrQ is a cybersecurity company based in Zurich, Switzerland, building the first human-focused, Pre-Click security solution to help everyday internet users understand and lower their exposure online. To learn more about CybrQ or sign up for a free account, please visit https://cybrq.com.


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