CyCraft Accelerates Growth in Japan by Allying with SecureBrain

On Cycraft Japan’s first anniversary, it announces SecureBrain (Headquarters: Chiyoda, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kenichi Aoyama) has become an authorized CyCraft Japan partner, and will now offer CyCraft AIR in Japan to achieve a new height in AI-driven cyber protection.

Hackers have grown far stealthier and potent than ever before, making it virtually impossible to completely prevent intrusions. Organizations, now adopting an “assumed breach” mindset, deploy security tools accordingly. Among them, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is used to strengthen the depth of endpoint defense, and AI is used to increase the speed of information security analysis and operations. CyCraft AIR combines these two technologies to make the most effective solution to combat modern cyber threats.

Before the advent of CyCraft AIR, EDR required professional-level security experts, took a lot of time to conduct large-scale investigations and analysis, and was difficult to integrate successfully into an organization’s daily defense. CyCraft AIR solves those issues with its automated AI engine that supports the MITRE ATT&CK® information security framework. In minutes it can analyze every threat an organization is facing, no matter the scale, and produce an actionable, easily understood report, in addition to regularly issuing security notifications, clearly visualized analyses, and remediation recommendations. For the first time ever, the problem of information security can now be solved without expert interpretation or combing through voluminous security data.

“CyCraft’s artificial intelligence and SecureBrain’s talented experts together bring a new security service level to Japanese customers in defending modern hackers: full-scale monitoring, deep analytics, and the fastest response yet,” said James Cheng, CyCraft Japan COO.

CyCraft AIR can simultaneously achieve lightweight deployment, clear visualization of attacks, and rapid reporting of cases. The software that scans the endpoints can be run once (installation-free), scheduled, or continuously to fit customer needs. Horizontal correlation analysis of attacks and hidden devices are marked with topological maps and threat severity is easily understood by color. The complex intrusion routes of hackers pass through AI processing, creating simple and easy-to-understand Japanese reports for decision makers to quickly ascertain and act on their situation. As such, CyCraft AIR can conduct security investigations in minutes without the need for installation. In Japan, it has already successfully helped many organizations respond quickly, thoroughly, and accurately to cybersecurity emergencies. Through AI, companies can quickly take countermeasures early in a cyber attack, and vastly reduce time-consuming evidence collection at the risk of further harm.

“SecureBrain is excited to partner with CyCraft to deliver an AI-driven SecOps platform to help Japanese enterprises respond faster to new cyber attacks and stay one step ahead,” said Motoaki Yamamura, SecureBrain COO.

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