Cypago launched Innovative “User Access Review” Product

Experts in the provision of cybersecurity GRC automation software, Cypago launches its new User Access Review (UAR) product, an automated employee account security capability that solves numerous issues associated with employees and their user accounts 

Cypago, leader in GRC automation, with its revolutionary SaaS-based cyber GRC automation platform, has introduced a standout product within its inventory of security capabilities. The UAR is built to scan employees’ user records across the entire tech stack and identify gaps or inconsistencies in user accounts, subsequently enabling swift remediations. Operating in the context of an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, and complex regulatory expectations, Cypago’s technology empowers companies to curate a robust security posture, streamline access management, and proactively address evolving cybersecurity threats.

The challenge with security gaps such as inactive employee accounts, inadequate segregation of duties, and excessive permissions, is that it leaves an organization exposed to criminal actors looking for an easy way in. Considering the average cost of a data breach according to an IBM report has been $4.45 million in 2023, a 15% increase over three years, there is a corporate imperative to double down on cyber protection.

In the same IBM report, automation was found to have had a huge impact on the speed of breach identification and containment; with a data breach lifecycle shown to be 108 days shorter compared to organizations which did not deploy these technologies. Released on the heels of The White House’s National Cybersecurity Strategy launched earlier this year that advocates for, among other areas, the privacy and security of personal data, Cypago’s latest automated security solution is opportune, aligning with national policy priorities and the direction of travel for cyber more broadly.

“There is a very real and yet so often overlooked risk of user accounts, forgotten and ownerless. Besides being a compliance gap, these accounts leave it wide open for criminal actors to take advantage,” commented Arik Solomon, CEO at Cypago.

“For companies with a large workforce or high turnover of staff, it is paramount that account security is properly handled. Cypago specializes in SaaS-based cyber GRC automation, and our new User Access Review feature complements our suite of security solutions for monitoring and mitigating risk within an organization.” added Arik Solomon, CEO at Cypago.

Cypago’s UAR feature introduces advanced capabilities to analyze and monitor employee termination, leave, and inactivity, addressing critical industry challenges such as orphan and dormant users. By automating this procedure, those working in risk and security save time and are given peace of mind. Cypago helps CISOs and security teams to be proactive in threat management and those working in compliance to ensure both regulatory frameworks as well as internal standards are adhered to. The UAR feature also empowers users to effortlessly perform Segregation of Duties (SoD) and Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) analyses, while providing streamlined tasks and ticketing remediation flow for adjusting permissions. This innovation is crucial for resilience in overall security – reducing the level of risk in advance, and by extension preventing insider threats and data breaches, while assuring alignment with compliant regulations are simultaneously in check.

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