Dark Cubed Launches D3 For Good

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Dark Cubed is committed to turning the tables on hackers in 2020 by donating at least 2,020 licenses to charitable organizations in the United States. Each Dark Cubed license will serve to protect and secure non-profit networks from harmful cyberattacks, phishing attempts, and ransomware attacks.

“We are on a mission at Dark Cubed to protect those who cannot protect themselves,” said Vince Crisler – CEO of Dark Cubed. “We took a hard look at the current state of cyber security and decided it was time for a security company to do the right thing for those organizations that are serving the most needy in our communities.” Non-profits often hold troves of valuable data for attackers but can find it impossible to invest in expensive cybersecurity tools for their networks.

While large companies have multi-million-dollar information security budgets, nonprofits’ IT budgets are typically only a fraction of a percent of that size. Even more important, every dollar spent on security is a dollar that the non-profit has to redirect from its primary mission.  This makes cost-effective cybersecurity technologies critical for both non-profits and the constituents they serve. Dark Cubed’s CTO, Juan Vela, said of this effort, “I have spent my career working at some of the most innovative cyber security companies, and I am excited to help make the world a better place in 2020 by giving away our company’s technology to non-profits; it feels good to give back.”

Non-profit organizations go above and beyond to serve those who need it the most. Dark Cubed has immense respect for these organizations and is excited to embark on this important mission in the new year.

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