Dasera Names Seasoned Tech Executive Terry Hill as CRO

Will Leverage Recent Series A Funding to Drive Revenue Growth and Expand Dasera’s Presence in the Data Security Industry

Dasera, the premier data security platform specializing in automated data security and governance solutions for top-tier finance, healthcare, and technology enterprises, today announced the appointment of Terry Hill as Chief Revenue Officer. With Dasera’s recent successful Series A funding, Hill will play a pivotal role in driving the company’s sales efforts, expanding its customer base, and fostering revenue growth to help Dasera reach the next stage of success.

Bringing over 25 years of experience in the technology sector, including notable roles as CRO at Orca Security and head of sales at Fastly, Hill has a proven track record of success. At Fastly, he played an instrumental role in the company’s growth journey, from a B Round start-up to a successful IPO, while holding leadership positions in sales, marketing, finance, and operations at AT&T.

“Terry is an experienced go-to-market professional who will greatly contribute to Dasera at scale,” said Ani Chaudhuri, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Dasera. “His impressive achievements at Orca Security, where he grew annual revenues by over 500%, make him instrumental in fueling our future growth.”

Said Hill, “As CRO, I’m excited to join Dasera during this exciting phase where the company is poised to leverage its recent funding success. Dasera is well-positioned to advance its mission of delivering automated data security and governance controls so organizations can streamline risk management and ensure cloud security and privacy throughout the entire data lifecycle.”

Dasera’s data security platform fosters a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation, creating data-driven environments. Its solution empowers organizations to unleash the full potential of their data confidently, maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape.

As the world migrates to the cloud, modern data security and governance teams grapple with data sprawl, generating exponential governance challenges, security issues, compliance violations, and data misuse. Today’s organizations require a comprehensive security and governance solution that proactively manages their data risk posture on-prem and cloud environments.

Dasera empowers organizations to harness their data securely, providing automated data security and governance controls for on-prem and cloud environments. Balancing data accessibility with minimized risk, Dasera offers contextualized visibility and understanding of the four data variables: Data infrastructure, data and its attributes, data users, and data usage. With real-time monitoring, an open platform standard that integrates and ingests context from any tool, and cross-functional workflows that streamline the incident response process, Dasera detects and remediates potential data misuse or leaks, ensuring safe and compliant data-driven decision-making.

As AI technologies like ChatGPT-4 continue to advance, companies will increasingly give in to temptation and rely on these tools for various tasks, including processing and analyzing sensitive data. Dasera’s automated data security and governance controls can help identify inappropriate usage of sensitive data – such as an analyst at a financial services firm using ChatGPT-4 to process customer financial records – enabling organizations to maintain visibility and control over their data assets, bolstering their overall data security posture, even in the face of advanced AI solutions and potential internal threats.

For a comprehensive understanding of Dasera’s data security platform, explore firsthand insights from our valued customer, Omada Health, or read their latest white paper to discover essential strategies for navigating the complexities of data management, culture, and security.

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