DATAMAX Announces New Breakthroughs in Structured Data Products

Launch Event Reveals Four Leapfrog Products: MarkMAX, EconMAX, ReseMAX and FiliMAX -- Today's Live Demos Highlight How Structured Data Can Be Quickly Utilized Across Industries
DATAMAX Announces New Breakthroughs in Structured Data Products

In an industry first, DATAMAX Technology Inc. (“DATAMAX”) — the fast-growing and quickly emerging technology company based right in the heart of Vancouver’s tech scene within Gastown — announced its latest innovations in the structured data space, a leapfrog improvement over traditional datasets and datapoints available to developers, institutions, governments, technology firms, academics and professional researchers. Its latest announcement highlights the incredible strides DATAMAX has made over the past few periods, positioning itself as a unique leader in the space.

“With all the talk of structured data, the emergence of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and the importance of highly accurate input data in the training of the neural networks of both today and tomorrow — the team at DATAMAX is proud to focus its efforts at the very cornerstone of this fast-growing market segment,” commented Dave King, VP of data markets at DATAMAX. “With all the new potential and high-paced development cycles across our teams, we will continue to innovate in this space and breathe new life into the important informational base our society increasingly relies upon.”

In the launch event this morning, DATAMAX Technology’s CEO and key developers will demonstrate to an exclusive group of core target-industry clientele the impressive new capabilities of its latest product lineup. Interested companies, firms, academics, governments or developers may apply to early-access demos and reserve platform access after the event at

After a string of recent merger and acquisition activities including the successful company integrations of FiliSys Partners, Datmaxim Technology and MTdata ( — DATAMAX Technology Inc. (“DATAMAX”) has emerged as a preeminent player in the structured data space. With products spread across a variety of verticals, DATAMAX adds unique value and insights to raw data and delivers it in a fully accessible, structured, easy-to-digest format. For more information, visit

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